Ultimate Collector

Balduin, the hermit who is living on Ados rock, has a last and ultimate challenge for collectors.


Balduin, the hermit at Ados rock


  • Complete the first and second weapons collections quest for Balduin.
  • If you have completed all other quests which collect or get rewarded with a rare item, Balduin gives you one last challenge.
  • Balduin wants one of these weapons from you, he will tell you which one:
  1. Nihonto
  2. Magic Twoside Axe
  3. Imperator Sword
  4. Durin Axe
  5. Vulcano Hammer
  6. Xeno Sword
  7. Black Scythe
  8. Chaos Dagger
  9. Black Sword
  • Take the weapon to the hermit


100000 XP
30 karma (available after 1.12)


You can sell black items to Balduin from now on


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