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What is JMaPacman?

JMaPacman is a Java-Port of MaPacman which is a clone of the old Pacman Aracade Game. In addition to the old Pacman Game it supports Multiplayer. Now you can play Pacman with many friends on different Maps in a big Pacman Universe ;) JMaPacman is totally platform independent, written using Java 1.5 and the Java2D environment.

Setting up the game

Creating a account

To create an account you must go to the Account Register Site and fill in the fields to complete the form.

There is currently no public jmapacman server. But you can setup your own server.

Your account will be ready immediately.

Downloading the game

Download the Game at JMaPacman Download Site.

Game and Controls

You can move your Pacman with the arrow keys on your Keyboard.

Starting the game

Just run JMaPacman by double-clicking the JAR-File or by running java -jar JMaPacman-0.3.jar in console.

Game Items


Nothing can move through a wall ;)


Player draft.png

The Player are moving the Pacman. Your Pacman is yellow. Pacmans from other Players are orange. When your Pacman dies, it respawns on the next RespawnPoint. When a Pacman is red it has eaten a powerpill.


Dots are the standard way to get a higher score. Your Pacman will eat each Dot by moving towards it. The Score you get by eating the dot may differ on other maps. On Standard Maps it's 1 point per dot. After eating the dot, it takes some time for the dot to respawn.


Superdots are like normal dots, but bigger and more expensive ;) The Values differ from map to map. But in general they give you 5 points.


When eating a Powerpill, your pacmans gains the ability to eat ghosts for a short amount of time. You Pacman will have a red color when a powerpill is eaten.


Ghost draft.png

Ghosts are the Pacmans natural enemy. A Pacman dies when it touches a ghost.


When you enter a ZoneChangePoint you are moved to another Map.


When you enter a map(either by dieing, logging in or changing map) your Pacman enters the Map on the next free Respawn Points. RespawnPoints are invisible and only are important server-side.


GhostBlockItems are invisible Items which block Ghosts. Instead of Pacmans, Ghosts can't move through a GhostBlockItems. It feels like a wall for them. Therefore these Items are usefull for designing maps, when you don't want the ghosts to enter a area of the map.

Player comunication

You can talk to other Players using the Textfield at the bottom. Just enter your Text and press ENTER. Everyone on the server will read your message and you will read everyones messages. So don't wonder if you're chatting with someome you don't see. He/She might be in another zone.


You can support JMaPacman by creating new Maps or creating nice Images.