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How to do a release in Arianne

Releases are going to become each time more important and a bug on a release has a huge impact on our project.
So to ensure quality of our release we MUST follow the following protocol before each release.

  1. Checkout from CVS
  2. Build
  3. Package release binary and source
  4. Grab packaged file and:
    1. Unzip source code and compile it
    2. Run compiled code and make sure that it works
    3. Unzip binary file and run it, making sure that it works
  5. Upload package release to Sourceforge.
  6. Do Sourceforge release
  7. Update official server and email server administrators
  8. Announce release
    1. At (need login)
    2. At (need login)
    3. At (need login)
  9. Enjoy!

Test release


Testing Marauroa involves testing the games that are built for it, but mainly it consists on:

  1. Creating a new database
  2. Create a new ini file using generateini
  3. Running Marauroa using that ini
  4. Creating an account for a player
  5. Running game using that player
  6. Running game using a player of the previous version if possible


See Stendhal Testing




After release

If it says 'Check' below - that's because not all users have rights to edit it if it's wrong. Please tell the correct person! If it says 'Update' below - it means anyone has the permissions to fix it!



note: now the world images are kept on the project webspace, so updating them amounts to moving the worldcvs.png to world.png, etc.
  • Check that the server website [1] has also updated its version number (e.g. check the download link goes to correct version number) - check if any new items/creatures/npc show up