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Stendhal Quests

Quest idea has been implemented by Pinch_ and will be in the release of 0.98. Has to be tested till then, more details under


Coralia in Ados tavern needs some fruits for her huge fruity hat. Therefore players who will like to help her, need to collect a random amount of fruits for several kinds (e.g. apples) to make her happy. The quest is meant as a smaller one which will easily be solvable for lower levels. (Note to that: fruits which just grow/can be find in dangerous areas should be excluded!)


Coralia in Ados tavern.

Suggested reward

The explanation Coralia could give for these award are, that she got the Crepes Suzette receipe by Gaston some time ago on a cooking convention and she stole some chocolate bar from Dale for making them. Crepes Suzette have an HP amount of 100/crepes, in relation to the fact that the quest isn't repeatable an amount of 10 might be accurate.

Minor potions could have been a try by Valo students who learned his skills in potion making and gave some potions to Coralia for her special use.

The XP amount might be too high, that should be discussed :)

If the quest is repeatable, the item amounts should decrease and be random chosen (e.g. crepes: between 1-5, potions between 1-8) and the xp amount should be around 150-200.


  1. Talk with Coralia in Ados Tavern
  2. Collect a random amount of fruits for her
  3. Return and get your award


  • Should contain hints for where the fruits can be found (especially guiding to maps, in which near creatures might be which are dangerous like on Athor)
  • Reward could be explained (as written above, maybe advertising Crepes Suzette for later and describing who Valo is?)

Graphic ideas

  • Banana Banana.png
  • Grapes Grapes.png
  • Pear Pear.png
  • Pomegranate Pomegranate.png
  • Watermelon Watermelon.png


  • All these images are commited to CVS.
  • The items are defined in the food.xml and added to the tile object "fruits" to use them in maps.
  • Growers have been drawn and implemented for grapes and watermelon.

Discussion and Comments

Fruit places suggestions

  • bananas - Athor island west
  • watermelons - Kalavan City Garden
  • pomegranates - could need new tree style and a place around Kirdneh maybe, river?
  • pears - new mountains?
  • grapes - houses with vines like the one in orril mountains?