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Stendhal Quests

TODO: Move the following quest to individual pages

Give Wilros his medicine

Wilros is an old man.

Ilula is looking for ancient table with glyphs

Ilula is a young investigator running her first investigation

Find herbs for Lilih

Lilih is the druid that run the herbolary at Semos

Give some items to Xoderos, the blacksmith

Xoderos is the blacksmith that works in semos, and he needs tools and resources to create new weapons and armors.

  • Give some tools to Xoderos
  • Xodero is expecting a forge and a hammer
Xoderos actually sells hammers so I don't think this makes sense. Maybe he could ask for a bigger hammer like the war hammer?

Diogenes may sell key for a dungeon for a good amount of money

Diogenes just walk around Semos main square

Proposed Quests For North Semos

Here are some proposed quests for the map north of Semos (0_semos_plains_n). The map has a number of features added to support quests. I imagine most of them to be simple for newbies who arrive in Semos and need some easy XP.


Stables master is looking to start up his business again to gain enough rep to make the lady in the farm to the west interested in him. all his horses were bought out by the army at the start of hostilities. He needs you to fetch some food, talk to banker about a loan get him a hammer for his anvil. Then organise a meeting between him and the lady. then get a ring from town made by the balcksmith from an item he gives you. Then return for XP, and an item.

Vampire Sword Quest additions

To Do (very desirable):

  • Enable buttons to turn off damaging spike effect
  • Ice Slipping (timothyb89)

To Do: (desirable):

  • create AI for Vampire Lord
  • he starts as normal creature. ideally when his health is low, this behaviour starts:
  • enters one 'door' in south of catacombs and teleports to a 'random' or seemingly random one and comes out
  • when VL goes to plan 'b' before he 'enters' on a 'door' he sets a timebomb. So when players see him enter they must immediately get back in a safe distance from the explosion
  • Enable transition from Good Vampire to Evil Vampire for the three main types of vampire.
  • Animate the vampiress transformation using data/sprites/monsters/vampire/vampirette_transformation.png
  • Animate the other transformations with a smokey grey cloud

Please add your name to a task if you are working on it. Thanks


A wanderer that travels the world (cross map pages) and gives out random facts about the world for a small fee. He will only give out one fact per 24hrs but these could include:

>The location of a cherub >The rumour of the location of a dragon >A random item >etc


Wizard hangs around kobold cave entrance (or inside farm house). Talking to him tells how he was thrown out of his castle when he miscast a spell and summoned a Stone Golum. On payment of a small fee (10gold?) he will transport you to Town Hall in semos. He can also sell (1000gold??) a one time use transporter (of which you can only have one) which when used will also transport you from anywhere to the Town hall. Maybe this One Time Use Transporter could only be used on a rune? and transports to another rune selected by picking a distinctive rune on a pop up page?(made be only allow to select runes that you have activated by walking over)?

Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Collect the lucky 4 leaf clover and take it to Ilisa in the temple. The 4 leaf clover will spawn at any random location in the world, once it is picked by a player, a new one spawns somewhere else (random). If you find it and take it to Ilisa she will reward you with 10 potion. note: a graphic is drawn for the clover already.

Lenocas' restaurant

See the recipes here Recipes

Get Knowledge

A wise wizard wants you to learn. He tells you to go to Wikipedian in ados library and ask about various subjects.

There is a list of subjects, you are told to do one at a time by the wizard. When you ask wikipedian it marks it off as done (I can't think of a good way that you would be able to prove to the wizard that you did ask about it, otherwise - unless maybe he asked you a question from the article as well?)* and then you return to the wizard to get your next subject. When you've done them all you get a reward.

Things to explain ideas: GNU General Public License, SourceForge, arianne, java (programming language), Role-playing game

A zone stored NPC notebook might come in handy here. It's something we've thought about for other NPCs too. He could keep a record of all queries from any player. But expire them after one week or so so it doesn't grow too large. (Just check and remove old ones, each time a new one is added) He can store player name and the thing they had to explain. The Notebook should have quite a general structure. Kymara 11:35, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

Globe Trotter

We keep track of everywhere a player has visited using the !visited slot. So an npc could reward real 'globe trotters' maybe simply just counting the number of visited zones, or checking that a player has visited a specific set of zones.

Other Plots ideas

Several plots ideas

King Midas Quest

Maybe have a quest that allows the player to convert iron into gold_bar somehow?

Nice idea! Or extend that; convert hammer to golden_hammer, mace to golden_mace, iron_scale_armor to golden_armor, plate_shield to golden_shield ... since everything Midas touched turned to gold. Though it would need to be carefuly balanced so that the reward wasn't too great. Maybe Midas could be an actual NPC, and after doing a quest you meet him/he'll touch things for you, and you get the chance to turn one thing into gold. Kymara 03:05, 23 August 2007 (PDT)

Tavern Boss

In the second floor of the tavern, there is a npc (tavern boss), which need you talk with another npc, I think that npc will live in the house of the entrance of dungeon to go to kobold city (in semos_mountain_n2). That's npc asks you to bring a few items to give something for the tavern boss (maybe a few armors, or other items, that's will be define). The tavern isn't implemented in the game, this cause that the tavern boss and the other npc are very separated... News ideas are welcome. Sshk5

Pizza maker prize

Leander could reward best couriers, for delivering certain number of pizzas without being late. Reward can be moneys or xp or (possibly better) free pizza :-) If player will drop pizza he must start from beginning.

  • We could also add more NPCs to the pizza quest, for those in newer locations? (As long as the player can still get there). E.g. Garbiddle perhaps? Kymara 11:50, 22 March 2010 (UTC)
*And a further idea: add to the information sets with NPC, flavor, etc, the min level that is appropriate for sending to this NPC and then only pick from the ones appropriate for the player, who to send to. Kymara 11:50, 22 March 2010 (UTC) done

Find shortest way

Some NPC asks the player, which is the shortest way between two points. He also offers some alternatives. The player then should try the alternatives and figure out, which one is shortest. The different alternatives could include using some orbs etc.

For example (just to sketch the idea): What is the shortest way from Semos Tavern to the gold prospecting place at Orril River? a) walking through Orril and Semos Forest, passing the gargoyles, or b) using the Orb in Semos Temple?

There should be more alternatives offered, and there should also be more ways to explore. Either every player gets a different question, or the same player can do more quests depending on level - I don't know which is better, maybe both?

Escorting sheep to Ados

When Sato has filled the sheep pen, he calls for a shepherd to take them to Ados. As the road is dangerous and sheep are vulnerable some players are needed for escort. Volunteering players should inform the shepherd, who will not start the travel until he has enough protection. Once enough players have enlisted, he starts walking towards Ados with the sheep. The objective is keeping the sheep alive to Ados.

  • Reward: Money, XP, Karma; the amounts depending on the success of the task
  • Shepherd needs to be capable of possessing multiple sheep (could have also a shepherd dog just for the authenticity)
  • Shepherd needs to be able to change zones with all his sheep
  • The maps on the way may need some sheep food to prevent the sheep from starving to death on the way

Chief Falatheen Humble Dishwasher

There was an idea about a romance between Chief Falatheen Humble Dishwasher and Old Mother Helena. The quest involved facilitating the romance. Details of the idea were never publicised. If you like to fill in any details, please feel free.

Fire whip


are the item stats ok? (i.e. doesn't become best weapon in game etc) - please comment
is the quest difficulty balanced with the effectiveness of the item? - please comment