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The Arianne project was established in 1999 and is still thriving today. It is an umbrella project, covering several subprojects. The most important ones today are Marauroa, Stendhal and Marboard.

Marauroa is an open source framework and engine to develop turn based and real time games. It provides a simple way of creating games on a portable and robust server architecture. Marauroa manages the client server communication and provides an object orientated view of the world for game developers. It further handles database access in a transparent way to store player accounts, character progress and the state of the world.

Stendhal is a fully fledged and completely free multiplayer online adventures game (MORPG). It features a new, rich and expanding world in which players can explore towns, plains, caves and dungeons. Players will meet NPCs (non player characters) and acquire tasks and quests for valuable experience and cold hard cash. The character will develop and grow and with each new level become stronger and more skillful. With the money acquired new items can be bought and armor and weapons improved. And the blood thirsty ones out there can satisfy their killing desires by roaming the world in search of evil monsters.

Marboard is an early prototype of an easy to use vector graphics program allowing live collaboration over the Internet. While it is not ready for production use yet, it is a good proof that Marauroa is suitable for serious applications, too.