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The idea is to be able to equip containers like bag, boxes, keyring, scroll wallets, to increase carrying capacity for players but in a more lifelike, interesting and extensible way than simply making the bag or chests huge.

kiheru has done a lot of work to client and server code for containers., e.g. server side equip had to handle nested entities

Functionality questions

A note about implementation: the containers as they are implemented now, can not be equipped or dropped unless they are empty. Also they do not have an user visible slot unless they are equipped by the user. This affects the behaviour regarding several of the questions below.

add to this list and try them out

how does they work with chests?

Expected: empty containers can be placed in chests.

are there weight or size limits for stackability?

There are no hard coded limits. Items do not have useful weights so they can't be used. Containers obey allowed slot limits like any other item.

can they infinitely stack (bag in bag in bag, like we used to have when corpses were equippable?)

Technically there is no practical limit, so slot restrictions should be used. That is, it's not a good idea to allow placing an item with a bag slot to a bag slot (or a mutual loop either). Putting a keyring to an item with a bag slot should work fine.

is slot-to-slot item logging working?
if you die can a whole bag/keyring be dropped?

Expected: empty, non-bound containers can be dropped. Containers with items can not be dropped because it would be impossible to pick up the container, or take out any items. Items within containers can be dropped normally at death.

can they be dropped into a corpse on the ground?

Expected: yes, when empty.

are use actions working for the client for nested entities?
if you put the container on the ground can someone else pick it up?

Expected: should obey the normal binding rules.

can they be traded?

Expected: yes, but only if not bound and empty.

do they expire if dropped?

Expected: should expire normally.

is the number of non empty containers per character limited?

It is not at the moment. But hendrik thinks that would be very useful in order to prevent people from filling their bag with containers. With a limited number of non empty containers, there will be incentive to get larger containers as replacement for smaller ones.

Convert keyring to container

  • agree on layout of character window
  • picture of keyring?
  • not sure what else needs to be done for this

Add new boxes/bags to game

  • check bag graphic is suitable or make a new one
  • must be limited to start with unless all factors like weight limits are already in place (e.g. just one bigger bag/box per character)
  • to make it more fun it could be achieveable through a hard quest/chain of quests