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It's a way to travel in the world for free. It's boring to walk all the time and expensive to use scrolls especialy for low/medium levels who needs to save money to buy items. We can't have with us all the scrolls so we can go where we want if we wait a bit.

It's a wizard NPC Merlin who travel (teleported like Rose Leigh) beetween 6 cities : Ados, Fado, Kalavan, Kirdneh, Nalwor, Semos.

He stays 5 minutes in each city, ans follows the alphabetical list, at the place where we are teleported with scrolls. Like Postman, we can know where he is with the command "/where merlin" and estimate where he will be to wait him (max 25 minutes).

After doing the quest, Merlin ask us where we want to go (cities in blue) : Ados, Fado, Kalavan, Kirdneh, Nalwor, Semos.

The player write the short word of the city and he is teleported like the scroll.

Merlin check before the teleportation if you have ever visited the city.


Merlin, the traveller wizard

Suggested reward

  1. 500 XP
  2. Free travels with Merlin
  3. 5 karma


  1. - Talk to Merlin when you meet him
  2. - Bring to Merlin a scroll of each cities : Ados, Fado, Kalavan, Kirdneh, Nalwor, Semos
  3. - Get your reward


Discussion and Comments

I think this quest can improve the game for low/medium players. High levels should used scrolls to avoid to wait.