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This is our humble contribution to anyone that has ever worked on Arianne.
Please if you are missing here, add yourself at the bottom.
Also, please provide patch for doc/AUTHORS.txt file in appropriate module of CVS.

For current members of the project, there is a list at project arianne on sourceforge and for the Marauroa and Stendhal subprojects, detailed commit information is available at Ohloh's Marauroa page and Ohloh's Stendhal page

Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin miguelangelblanchlardin at hotmail dot com

  • Project founder
  • former project leader
  • Started Arianne, Marauroa, Gladiators, mapacman, Stendhal :)
  • Work as coder and everything else :P

Anders Asplund aka Danter anders underscore underscore asplund at hotmail dot com

  • Designer, Artist on almost all original graphics
  • Have made custom graphic work both for Gladiators and Stendhal
  • A lot of work as game designer and map creator, also some very simple code on spare time

Steve Ierodiaconou

  • One of the original Arianne developers
  • Project admin
  • scattered contributions inc maps, the earth drawing, etc
  • websites

Matthias Totz

  • One of the original Arianne developers
  • Marauroa developer.

Athana AKA Athanas

  • Maps (-2 semos catacombs, nalwor royal)
  • Ideas of vampire sword and club of thorns
  • Hunter of talents who like to help game development

Hendrik Brummermann

  • Stendhal and Marauroa developer
  • new quest system
  • NPC conditions and actions
  • bugs fixer
  • server admin
  • Project admin

Mort AKA Wikipedian

  • Stendhal developer
  • stendhal producer behaviour and many related NPCs
  • Maps (dwarf mine, grain fields, athor ship + more)
  • Artist - both pixel and charas

Nadine Schlonies aka Dine

  • Artist - both pixel and charas
  • Maps maker (athor island + more)
  • fishing quests


  • Artist - outfits, creatures (zombies, headless, hybrids) and NPCs created with charas
  • Planned marriage quest features
  • Maps maker (lovers rooms, fado church)


  • Stendhal developer
  • Artist - pixel (bone dragon, fishes, vegetables, some new interior items)
  • Artist - pixel (all the the outdoors map images and buildings and many more)

kymara kymara at users dot sourceforge dot net

  • Project leader
  • Stendhal developer
  • lots of quests, creatures, NPCs, shops and items
  • Pets, house buying, /grumpy
  • Artist - both pixel and charas for NPCs, items and building interiors
  • Maps maker (mountain temple, kikareukin, lovers rooms, many shops outside semos, dreamscape)
  • docs writer
  • Project admin
  • server admin

BerserkerA3 - Next step for me is to complete Ados.

  • Maps maker
    • nalwor interiors
    • connection from ados caves to orril dungeons
    • ados barracks
    • ados church
    • wofol interiors


  • coded some introductory quests, NPCs a long long time ago...


  • Maps maker (nalwor interiors, fado, -1 semos catacombs, dwarf blacksmith)


  • Maps maker (fado city)
  • coded NPCs for fado city


  • Stendhal developer
  • sounds system
  • JUnit tests
  • new creature ai
  • pixel artist - floors and carpets mostly
  • Project admin
  • server admin


  • Stendhal developer
  • implemented new zones configuration; /away
  • bug fixing


  • Stendhal developer
  • client pathfinding
  • bug fixing


  • The Pot Queen (also drew indoor furniture)
  • Maps making (magic city, Kalavan, hell, kirdneh city)
  • Creatures and outfits with Charas


  • Stendhal developer
  • XML for some creatures
  • NPC who gives creature info
  • crown for wannabe king quest
  • timed teleport scroll
  • Artist - clurichaun, leprechaun images by hand


  • server admin


  • maps making: magic city interiors and amazon island
  • Stendhal developer
  • amazon princess quest, kill spiders quest


  • Stendhal developer
  • JUnit tests
  • SpeakerNPC speech parsing


  • introduced mithril to game
  • maps making/tweaking/bug fixing
  • artistic endeavors – charas (NPCs, creatures and outfits), psp (tilesets for maps)
  • Stendhal developer
  • creature additions – including images and xml setups
  • mithril NPCs and quests,
  • gnome village and ados abandoned keep NPCs and quests
  • assassin headquarters, blordrough hideout, dragon lair and entwives' valley


  • Stendhal developer
  • JUnit tests
  • Player-Killer-Icon

Laurent Soubrevilla

  • coded colored GameLogDialog (Game Log and Events window)

Janet Hunt

  • coded sound system

João Costa

  • coded OutfitDialog (Outfit window)

Javier Correa

  • completed tons of maps

Jonas aka Damosh


  • improved Stendhal GUI

Jo Seiler aka intensifly

  • StendhalServerExtension architecture, Groovy Script System, groovy script quests
  • embedded http Server, new Stendhal website

Daniel Herding aka mort

  • Maps, graphics and quest creation

Kim Purnell aka Samoa

  • creature images for sheep and wolf
  • several important concept ideas.

Yoriy Krawtsow aka yoriy

  • /script -list command :-)


  • Coder (sound)

Marco Engelmann aka Laguz

  • Maps maker - minotaur labyrinth, wizards tower
  • Artist - wizards tower, pixel general
  • Quest/NPC creation


  • Coder (NPCs, quests like on Ados Market, items, sources (with help))
  • Artist - charas (NPCs) + items (gimp)
  • Maps maker/rebuilding some
  • Bug fixes so far as possible
  • Wiki stuff


  • Descriptions (creatures and objects)
  • Audio (background music and sounds)
  • Artist (items: coal, some modifications like garlic and fish soup)
  • Ideas (quests, NPCs, features and many, many more ;)
  • Coder (adding sounds, dialogues)


  • Coder (some patches for quests)


  • Coder (quests, testing)


  • Coder (just some simple stuff, so far)
  • Wiki (corrections and little details every once a while)

Filipe aka filinep

Arco Mul aka Lumocra

  • Coder

Jordan Irwin aka AntumDeluge

  • Coder
  • Quests
    • Antivenom Ring, Traps for Klaas, Emotion Crystals (mostly), Restock the Flower Shop
  • Maps & maps touchups
    • snake pit, apothecary lab
  • Art & art touchups:
    • giant cobra, medicinal ring, antivenom ring, gm antitoxin ring, rodent trap & more
  • Sound editing/recording
    • Voiced sounds: laugh-evil-1, mutant-frog-1, robot-1, snake-2, undead-(1-4), monkey-(1-3), witch-cackle-1
  • Bugs
  • Wiki
  • Very small contribution the Stendhal main website
  • Testing

Other Contributors

We also thank many who have contributed to Stendhal by providing patches which the rest of the team commited on their behalf. Notable contributors include:


  • refactoring high level creatures after def changes
  • Artist - some mainio images


  • Artist - items such as orcish swords, some foods


  • Artist - some trees


  • Artist - the grey clouds and mithril items images


  • creature descriptions
  • Mapmaker - ados vaults, decorated ados abandoned keep, ados wall s
  • Artist - some buttons, arrows, decoration for buildings


  • creature images for assassins, higher level gnomes
  • Mapwork on assassins tower


  • creatures images using charas, e.g. amazonesses
  • some player outfits

Hades the Emperor

  • creatures images using charas, e.g. imperial army
  • some player outfits


  • Coder (trivial patch to the client GUI for deleting local profiles, some NPCs)
  • Artist (some new pies, so far)

Diligent Dodo

  • Artist (mimic sprite)