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First of all, ariannexp is *NOT* a game, it is a library for developing clients of multiplayer games. Check for the actual games.

ariannexp is a complete implementation of the network protocol described in Marauroa, in standard ISO C++, and fully tested with test cases. It uses SDL, SDL_net, cppUnit, Python and SWIG.

The main point of ariannexp is to provide a framework to connect to a Marauroa server and to allow game creation using Python as the development language.


Before you even try to compile ariannexp please go and download

  • SDL 1.2.x
  • SDL_net 1.2.x
  • SWIG 1.13.21
  • Python 2.3

How to compile in Linux

It is very easy, just make sure that you are running the latest version of... :)
Only joking, just make sure that you are using GCC 3.x and automake 1.7

Just do:


You should see no errors at all. Then if everything went OK, you will have two main directories:

  This is a test client for connecting to gladiators and fighting ( for you ).
  It does nothing and is not interactive.

  This directory contains the module needed to develop your own python clients.
  Have a look at and execute it by doing