How to setup an experimental Stendhal HTML5 Environment?

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This article describes an experimental Websocket Environment. You are most likely looking for one of the articles linked from Configure a development environment (IDE) or Host a Stendhal Server instead.

The websocket support in Stendhal is still very basic, hardly enough for a client used by people dealing with /support. You cannot play with it.

  • Setup a development environment as discussed in Using Eclipse with Stendhal
  • Edit server.ini to add these lines, replacing "accountname" with the name of your account for testing:
  • Launch the Stendhal server
  • Visit http://localhost:8080/stendhal.html
  • You can add #charname to the end of the above urls. Note those characters must belong to the account name configured.
  • You need to click into the chat input field in order to move your character with arrow keys