Ideas for Stendhal/Range Stat

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The idea is to have a stat independent of melee for range attacks. Attack strength & success of ranged weapons would be calculated based on this number.

Potential Problems

Veteran players would begin with a low level, just like new players. This would dramatically affect their ability to use ranged weapons as it would have previously been based on melee attack value.

Potential solutions:

  • Automatically adjust existing players' range attack value based on some variables such as level & attack level.
  • Create an archery range map where players can go to train their range attack with a max level cap.
    • Players could buy wooden arrows at an slightly elevated price from an NPC in or at the entrance of this map.
    • Dummies would be used for "target practice" so that players don't have to wait for enemy respawns.
    • A per-day time limit could be set to prevent training from being too easy.