Preparing Stendhal 1.17

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There have been lots of changes in many different areas. This is really cool and I am excited about them.

But I have trouble to catch up after being away for a couple of weeks. I'd like to have a release rather soon.

In my opinion we should deactivate anything for Stendhal 1.17, that is not perfect at this time. Those things can go into Stendhal 1.18. I hope to do Stendhal 1.18 a lot sooner than 1.17.

Branch creation planned for: 2015-04-09 Change log (master):

Release announcement story and screenshots

Fish are jumping out of the water. Did they smell the rain?

The snow during this Christmas season was a harbinger for the new weather system. Now you can expect real and dynamic weather effects all around the world. It may start to rain. If it is hot outside, you may hear thunder. But if it is too cold, the rain will turn into snow.

Despite the bad weather, the great masters of melee combat have improved their style. Swords and clubs are now visible during fights. A medicinal is said to offer some protection against being poisoned.

In the Stendhal client, the indication of new chat message is more visible now. If you are using a very old computer, you can disable weather effects to improve drawing performance. Please see the complete <a href="">change log</a> for additional changes.

Open issue

  • Website adjustment to new outfit sprite organisation (I remember that I did a dirty hack to fix something on the live system but cannot remember the details.



  • A new fish swimming along the coast in Ados City
  • Different "elf" head for players and NPCs
  • New corpse for bone dragon
  • Added to Daily Item Quest list: 5 olives, 2 marbles
  • Varying weather at outside zones
  • Drunken player speech is now more confusing and depends on the state of drunkenness
  • Animated flame tiles replaced in int_semos_wizards_tower_1
  • Karma reward for quests: Kill Dhohr Nuggetcutter, Coal for Haunchy
  • Aliases "zucchini" for "courgette", "armour" for "armor", "color" for "colour", "extend" for "prolong"


  • Can restore window width, height, and maximized state
  • Drawing weather can be disabled in settings
  • The client can draw a weapon sprite with the attack swipes, if one is available
Move to section "world"?
  • Active entities reset animated sprite index to 1 to appear standing when stopped
  • Zombie status is indicated by making the player green
Is zombie status active?


  • More visible new chat message indication
  • Links to in the chat log can be opened with a mouse click
  • Alias "/status" for command "/sentence"
  • "sentence" is now displayed in player description when using "Look"


  • Fix player cannot move after zombie status wears off, zombie status removed for release
  • Reporting killers on an entity death no longer lists all attackers at the time of death

To discuss



  • Auto-walk feature:
    • Character right-click menu: "Walk" to toggle on and "Stop" to toggle off
    • Slash action: "/walk" to toggle on/off and "/stopwalk" to toggle off
    • Hotkey: "Ctrl+W" to toggle on/off


  • Organized outfit parts into subdirectories
  • Changed "player_base" outfit type to "body"
  • Entities can now pass through collision tiles with "setIgnoresCollision()"
  • Items can be given status resistance with StatusResistantItem implementation
  • New SlotActivatedItem enables an item's attributes when equipped to specified slots


  • new attack system
  • Alternative ATK XP training with "testing.combat" defined defined for server
  • Optional ranged attack (RATK) stat with "testing.combat" defined for server and client
  • Emote character map available by passing to VM