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Player Resistance & Status

  • Player has a keyed slot (status_resistance(s)) where status can be added/removed.
    • "key" is status name and "value" is the resistance value (0-100 or 0.0-1.0).
  • Creature has keyed status slot (status_attack) for attacks.
    • "key" is status name and "value" is probability of status being applied to player.
  • Player's resistance value is applied to creature's status probability during attack.
  • Player has a second keyed slot (status) that carries the current statuses of the player.
    • "key" is status name and "value" is duration of status.
    • Each turn the key is checked and resulting action applied.
  • Slots should be saved to the database so status and resistance are not lost at logout.

Creature Resistance & Status

  • The same can be applied reversed. Players can have "attack" slots and creatures "resistance".
    • Allows players to inflict status effects on creatures.


With multiple status effects it would be a good idea to rework how statuses are indicated to the player. Too many icons overlaying the character sprite could be problematic. It might be a good idea to only show icons in the area of the client dedicated to stats. Or icons could be shown in a corner of the client display area.

Status indicator mockup.png