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While fighting is fun, there should be more alternative ways of earning money or getting food. This page is meant to collect ideas for jobs and economic ideas that could make Stendhal more interesting.

Farm laborer

You go to a farm which has a farmer NPC. You talk to the farmer and ask him if there is work to do. If he says yes, you can go to his field/plantation and e.g. collect apples or salad. When you give these to the farmer, he will give you money. Of course you can also eat the stuff you collect, but then of course you won't earn anything.

The farmer NPC can make sure that there are not too many people working on the same field/plantation.


  • Plants that automatically regenerate collectable fruits (just like the bushes for sheep)
  • a farmer NPC
  • a farm map


When you reach level 10, it is much to easy to get food by just killing animals. This is a suggestion for a new meat system.

When you kill an animal, ham and meat don't just appear ready-to-be-eaten. After all, you don't want to eat raw flesh. Instead, a raw flesh object appears; the amount depends on the size of the killed animal. When you take it to a butcher, he will then give you nice sausages, ham etc. in return. Maybe only animals like deer and boars should give flesh, not wolves and snakes. Of course, this needs a lot of balancing; in order not to annoy players who just want to stay in the wilderness and slay some creatures, there need to be more smaller food items like apples and mushrooms in the wilderness.

Additionally, certain animals like snakes, cattle, and crocodiles can give you skin, which you can take to a tanner to get either raw leather, or leather clothes.


  • Different corpses for different animals
  • Several butcher NPCs
  • Game re-balancing
  • Non-aggressive animals [1] would be nice

Mushroom / wild fruit collector

You collect mushrooms in the wilderness and sell them to other players or to a vegetable trader NPC. Similar things could be done with apple trees, berry bushes etc.


  • Mushrooms [2] or fruit trees
  • Vegetable trader NPC


You need either an axe (battle axe should also work) or a saw. You go to a tree and chop it down (can take some time). Then a 'wood' object appears which you can sell either to a sawmill, a toolmaker or to a weapon smith. The stub should remain (to block passages that the tree was possibly meant to block) and later automatically regrow.


  • Regrowing trees
  • A wood object (non-stackable, because it's heavy)
  • Maybe a saw tool
  • A sawmill, or the possibility to sell wood to the weapon smith in Semos


There are mines (can look like the existing dungeons) in the mountain area where dwarfs are searching for gold, iron ore, Mithril, silver, diamonds, whatever. You go to the chief and ask for work; if there are free jobs, you just walk around and collect gold nuggets, iron ore objects etc. in the mine, which you take to the chief and get paid for them.


  • Stackable resource objects
  • Resources must re-appear at random positions in the mine
  • Chief NPC
  • Mine map


Trading between players is currently very difficult. The feature request Allow Depositing/Dropping a spec. amt. has to be fulfilled to allow serious trading.

To support basic trading, there should also be a marketspace in all big towns where players can meet to buy, sell or exchange stuff.

For advanced trading with shops, see: [3]

See also: StendhalRefactoringRP#Trading system


You need to buy a fishing rod somewhere (e.g. buy one from a toolmaker). Then you can stand next to a lake, right-click onto the water and select 'angle'. After a while, a fish will pop up in your inventory, or on the ground next to you.


  • Fish object (edible)
  • Fishing rod object and some way to get one
  • Make a fisherman's license quest
  • Scripting and GUI stuff to allow fishing at lakes

Delivery guy

Some of the above suggestions imply delivery of goods between certain places. E.g., iron ore has to be transported from the mine in the mountains to the weapon smith in the city. In this example, the player can go to the mine, get some ore from the dwarf chief, and deliver it to the weapon smith where he gets paid for the transport.

As a more advanced suggestion: You get a donkey or a mule which carries the goods, and you have to safely lead it to the destination. It can behave just like a sheep, except that it has an inventory.


  • Some of the above jobs, e.g. miner
  • Maybe a donkey/mule


See [4] for ideas on larger sheep herds and on sheep dogs.


The tailor will buy wool (e.g. from Sato) and can make clothes from it. These could be cloaks, hats etc.

One could also imagine a system where you can't just change your outfit, but first have to buy the clothes you want to wear.


  • Trading (ideally, the tailor should have a house in which he works and sells stuff)
  • A scissors tool
  • Scripting and GUI stuff to allow working on one object to create another


The tanner either gets animal skin from hunters (who have killed snakes, crocodiles etc.), or from a cattle ranch. He can then produce leather products like boots, leather pants etc.

  • Trading (ideally, the tanner should have a house in which he works and sells stuff)
  • Some tool objects (don't know what's needed for that task)
  • Scripting and GUI stuff to allow working on one object to create another

Alternatively, the tanner just makes raw leather from animal skin, and another worker makes the actual leather clothes from the raw leather.

Fighting trainer

Players could make their livings off training less experienced players, getting paid some bucks for every few points of experience the learner gains.


  • Fight training between players [5]
  • Automatic monetary reward for the trainer