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This documents wants to be a guide to understand what are Stendhal's objectives and motivation, so we can try to achieve it in an easier way by doing only the simplest possible thing to make it work.


Our goal is to create a multiplayer game with several zones in which players can move, chat, use skills and fight. Fighting is to gain experience points and money that can then be spent on new equipment which will be available at shops on one of the zones where the city is located.

The main point on developing Stendhal was to stress-test the Marauroa engine so that we can identify black points and areas that need to be improved. We have been surprised by the wide happy welcome that Stendhal have received from users all around, so we are now focusing also in improving the game play by adding more zones, more monsters, more items, more quests, and new exciting features.

Please keep in mind that we want it simple, we want it fast and we want it now.
Big and very complex features need to be split into small parts across multiple iteration of the project.


Create a fun to play multiplayer game with a huge game area, a ton of monsters that interact between them and a new exciting RP system that gets the best from several approaches. Ah! and conquer the whole world!.

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