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20:45 < kymara> kih is drawing a beautiful mystical crystal ball type orb, that is a special one which when you use it teleports you somewhere you will love to play - somewhere random but approprite for your level
20:46 < kymara> so like high levels might get the chance to go to hell, kika 6, kika 4, chaos mines, mithrilbourgh place, etc 
20:46 < tigertoes> i would like an orb that puts you beside the little house in kirdneh with the assassins... somewhat like the one that takes you to orril
20:46 < tigertoes> nice idea kym
20:46 < Bluelads4> oh I had a similar idea today :D
20:46 < kymara> and they might also go to any of the places in the list deemed safe for lower level chars
20:46 < Bluelads4> but for returning to cities from such places :P
20:46 < Bluelads4> without buying scrolls before
20:46 < kymara> we talked about it ages ago back in finland and sketched out the list of zones
20:47 < kymara> and of course hehre'd be a cost/limit but it would be fun
20:47 < kymara> and it would be situated in kalavan
20:47 < Bluelads4> :)
20:47  * Bluelads4 likes the idea too
20:47 < madmetzger> that sounds like a real good idea
20:47 < kymara> i think i might have lost the list of 'fun zones per level' though
20:47 < tigertoes> yes... i will be standing in line
20:47 < kymara> also the twist is that you're never too 'high' to go to a zone
20:48 < kymara> only too low to reach hell, say. so as you increase in level you still get the chance to be sent to .. say .. the gnome village :P
20:48 < tigertoes> yes
20:48 < kymara> (though not now, cos we changed gnome village)
20:48 < kymara> but it means people will also just be sent out to more places
20:48 < Rocinante> Hehe
20:48 < kymara> 'ooh, nalwor, i haven't come here in years'
20:49 < kymara> i can't remember at all what we thought about cost per use ? kiheru?
20:49 < kymara> or if tehre was a limit per day or anything ?
20:49 < kiheru> I really don't remember
20:49 < Bluelads4> in nalwor?
20:49 < Bluelads4> no
20:49 < tigertoes> 2000 for each trip.. like unmarked scroll
20:49 < kymara> he's finally drawing the thing and we forgot all the details :P
20:49 < kymara> that sounds good tigertoes 
20:49 < kymara> no you might get sent to nalwor Bluelads4 
20:49 < kymara> like once you're over level .. 60 ?
20:49 < kymara> the orb is to go in kalavan
20:50 < kymara> i think we were talking about how it's a shame the city doesn't get many visitors
20:50 < kymara> and wanted an attraction
20:50 < Rocinante> I wonder if the check should be based on more than level.. my atk/def are something like 34/35, which from what I'm hearing is quite low for someone who is level 83, so some things based on level seem to be much harder for me than someone who is even lower level than I am.
20:50 < Rocinante> Though quaffing potions as I go up against assassins with a night dagger is slowly working on my atk stats :>
20:51 < kymara> hm
20:51 < kymara> could do
20:51 < kymara> just using levels would be a helluva lot easier though
20:51 < Rocinante> Oh, definitely
20:51 < kymara> can always publish the list and levels in advance and get people to say too low .. too high .. why do you think that zone is even interesting? etc
20:51 < tigertoes> yes
20:52 < kymara> we should use the wiki more for collaborative stuff

Zones and levels

TODO: Add suggested zones and check the ones suggested below are in the correct category (i.e. would the min level of player allowed there survive long enough to get out if they didn't like it?) Fill in exact zonename as well as the rough description if possible. Thanks.

Level 30 +

  • Gnome village (just outside)
  • Athor Island
  • Ados zoo
  • Fairy ring
  • Kotoch entrance
  • Orril castle
  • Ados sewers

Level 60 +

  • Nalwor city
  • Yeti cave
  • -2_ados_outside_nw (dwarf/bario)
  • Barbarian camp
  • -6_kanmararn_city
  • -2_orril_dwarf_mine

Level 90 +

  • Amazon Island
  • ados abandoned keep (level -3 ?)
  • magic city
  • kalavan castle

Level 120 +

  • Oni palace
  • ados abandoned keep (level -4 ?)
  • -1_nalwor_drows_tunnel_n

Level 200 +

  • Hell
  • -1_fado_great_caves_n_w2 (giant cave)
  • 4_kikareukin_caves
  • -2_semos_mine_e2
  • 6_kikareukin_islands
  • -1_ados_wall (blordrough lair)
  • ados abandoned keep (level -6 ?)