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Bard is the artist class in game. Musician and singer, poet, storyteller, actor, joker, even rip-off artist almost like a thief when is needed(the good cause forgives the methods). Thanks to him so many great stories and myths and adventures saved from oblivion. Bard loves adventures. Loves ale or beer or wine(helps to clean his/her throat to sing better), make him/her be in the mood. What makes bard important as a member on a fighting party is his music: when he plays his songs with various instruments makes the party fight better! For example some songs and the effects in party when Bard is level 15:

  • The battlesong: all party members get ATK +5
  • The song of peace: monsters don't attack you
  • Safety song: all party members get DEF +5
  • Speed: All member can run fast without fatigue

The above is some examples. The more Bard sings, the more his magical singing skill has stronger effects. But for every 1-5 songs he must drink something! Bard can use also an instument as mass attack. He use a horn with a bag and blows fire to all enemies. He can use long swords and knifes, clubs and some special designed for Bard weapons and armor. And armor a bit more heavy than Thief but not much. When he/she sings he/she can't attack or can't attack good. He/she is good warrior but without the special attacks you can see on warrior classes like Paladin, Barbarian, Warrior, Monk