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General Skills

Battle skills - This is the skill improvment you gain with the weapons or fighting style you use.

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Club/Staff
  • Fists
  • Dodge
  • Block
  • Shield

ChadF also suggested another type of weapon skill system that you can review here

Misc skills

  • Fishing - Use a fishing rod near water to catch fish

Mining skills

  • Coal Mining - Discover Coal
  • Iron Mining - Discover Iron Ore
  • Silver Mining - Discover Silver Ore
  • Gold Mining - Discover Gold Ore
  • Mythril Mining - Discover Mythril Ore

Refining Skills

  • Refine Iron - Makes Iron from Iron Ore
  • Refine Silver - Makes Silver from Silver Ore
  • Refine Gold - Makes Gold from Gold Ore
  • Forge Steel - Makes Steel from Iron and Coal

Some general spells we may add are:

  • Convince creature
  • Summon creature
  • Acid missile
  • Magic shield

Im not really sure if these spells should be specific for any class since they don't really follow the elements we have, or if they should be skills for seweral classess:

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