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Priest Class

Priests is adept in controlling holy and dark magics,
they will also be the healers of the party.

Later a more advanced Priest class might be added, that has the abilety
to combine dark and light magics forming divine attacks.

Priests is also the subject of maybe getting 2 more elemental schools
that focuses on physical and mental attacks/blessings (skills like charm or poison)

Some skills a Priest can learn is:

  • Heal - Heals a holy/living creature and damages a undead/dark creature
  • Priests should get XP based on the amount of XP they heal, or else there will be very little ways for priests to level up. Unless you make it so that Priests get more XP for killing monsters than a class that is supposed to be killing monsters.
  • Blight - Heals a undead/dark creature and damages a holy/living creature
  • Bless - Curses a undead/dark creature and blesses a holy/living creature
  • Curse - Curses a holy/living creature and blesses a undead/dark creature
  • Resurect - Revives a dead holy/living creature
  • Raise Undead - Revives a undead/dark creature
  • Tame Undead - Stops undead from attacking players. It's a time limited spell based on level of magic user and the level he has on that skill
  • Stats Bonuses - These are several skills that increase the most crucial stats for Priests

Feel free to add more skills, and a skill tree will be made later

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