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Thief is a misjudged class. In RPGs, a thief does not only steal. With his skills he can be a very valuable member on a fighters party for quests. And a thief has great luck which means he gets better drops from monsters corpses. He has great agility(basic skill) also wich is nessesary for Stealth, backstabbing etc. Thief is specialized in two knifes(on both hands). He dislikes heavy armor. Some of his skills are:

  • Stealth, you can approach or avoid a monster without notice
  • Backstabbing: using Stealth skill you can backstab a monster(or a player) doing greater damage
  • Critical attack: based on his luck and agility rate, thief can with a single blow Kill the monster hitting it on a sensitive and weaker part of it's body!
  • Unlocking: based on his luck and agility rate he can unlock a locked chest or door and avoid its possible traps like needles or poison or gases
  • Pocketpicking: watchout when you are close to a thief! He can steal from your bag 1-10 coins or a minor_potion once per day per player!
  • Climbing: Thieves can climb walls and mountains! For a thief there is no need to walk all the way around. Based on how good his climbing skill is trained, he can climb a wall or mountain fast or faster
  • Acrobatics: of how much high Acrobatics skill is, you can jump higher like cliffs or obstacles and some other things. Not applicable for Stendhal
  • Athletics: The more Athletic you are, the faster you can run or fight and not get fatigued fast