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Warrior Class

The Warrior class have mastered martial arts and is masters in close combat and melee defence.

Some of the skills a Warrior might learn is

  • Power Strike - Waste some MP to boost attack power and max damage in one attack
  • Cripple Monster - Decrease Attack speed and walking speed on the monster
  • Body Training - Increases MAX HP
  • Recovery - Increases HP Regeneration Speed
  • Sprint - Increases walk speed for a very short time
  • Quickness - Increases Attack speed
  • Swiftness - Increases Dodge Rate
  • Stats Bonuses - This is seweral skills that increase the most crucial stats for Warriors

Stances - Used to balance the power of your blows, or amount of damage you block.

  • Aggressive - Sacrifice your defense in order to deal more damage
  • Balanced - Both defense and power is well balanced
  • Defensive - Sacrifice power in order to defend yourself

Feel free to add your sugestions, and a skill tree will be made later.

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