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Raid-System and Invitation

From a talk between Athanas and Zuse the following proposal got developed.

  • Create an place like an arena. One entrance which

can be only open by a special key. This arena might include some grandstand where everyone else (without a key) can enter to be become a member of the audience.

  • The GM can send invitations to players which are

special in some way. This invitations are "ordinary" items. A letter with e.g. the following text:

Dear Hero,
due to your .... we invite you to participate a raid in the arena. Date, XX.YY.ZZZZ Time, AA:BB - CC:DD Stendhal time. Please be in time otherwise this invitation will be expire. Sincerely, the GM-Team.
  • The invitation-letter acts as a temporary key to the

arena door. However, it is time limited to one event. Players can not enter early or later then the aboved mention time.

  • At the specified time the game master will enter the

arena (maybe there is a small tower in the middle of the raid field, so the GM can stay safety). He will open the raid and create some monsters. (Maybe the kind and amount of monsters will be announced or player can ask during the raid)

  • All invited players can fight. No special rules, if

they die they die, with all consequences.

  • After the raid is over everyone has to leave the arena.
  • Ready for the next round.....

The invitation can be send by different criteria. E.g.

  • only level X and higher players (League)
  • social raid for players which are known to be helpful

to new players etc.

  • developers raid
  • contributors raid
  • etc.

The raids should be something like a personal award for the players.

Players which are not able to participate can give there invitation to other players if they like.

In addition to that it might be easy to generate some additional quests-raids.

  • E.g. Two groups, and a huge amount of Elfs or Orks. The

creatures protect an item. The group which is able to catch the item earn XP or cash.

  • Protect the civilest: A amount of players and one pseudo-player level 0 stay together, a bunch of monsters try to kill the low-level player. If the

others are able to protect him, they win XP or cash.

  • Raids were potions and meat are forbidden will bedefinitive a hard task even for high level players,where team-play becomes the most important criteria.

That is more or less all.

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