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This page is for the story and plot that stendhal might have in the future, feel free to add your ideas and sugestions.

This is a logg from irc that me (danter) and goodnews had, I will later post my ideas a bit more detailed, but atleast you have the basics here, and also what goodnews idea was.
[15:17:44] <goodnews> a divided world.
[15:18:14] <goodnews> at around a high level (60) a quest wil take you in to the deepest of dungeons
[15:18:49] <goodnews> you will be lead deeper and deeper into the dungeons
[15:19:06] <goodnews> till an arensol of lichs dragons and other high level beasts
[15:19:19] <goodnews> basicly an amount of monsters that you can't survive
[15:20:11] <goodnews> you you eventually die it won't take you to the afterlife
[15:20:26] <goodnews> but insted it will take you to another dungeon with 3 doors
[15:21:42] <danter> heh, I have already planned a form of reincarnation
[15:21:46] <goodnews> an NPC will infor you that he saved you before you were all the way down ( I dont' think is absolutly nessasary) but he will ask if you are ready for the truth (yes or no)
[15:22:00] <danter> but it will be a bit more spectacular then the one you described right now
[15:22:06] <goodnews> if you answer no you go back to carmen
[15:22:13] <danter> and it will be more of a "ritual" death
[15:22:22] <goodnews> by all mean add suggestions but lemme get thru the idea real quick
[15:22:28] <danter> that some powerful guy perform on you
[15:23:00] <goodnews> the NPc name as I have seen is is "beezlbub"
[15:23:16] <goodnews> the significance of that is huge I think
[15:23:27] <goodnews> but he will infor you there is no evil and there is no good
[15:23:47] <goodnews> but all rather a way of perception to the evil the good are evil and to the good evil are evil
[15:24:08] <goodnews> he will explain the three doors behind him represent perception
[15:24:43] <goodnews> by goin thru one you choose to use your character in a certain way
[15:24:49] <goodnews> clan almosyt
[15:24:59] <goodnews> "the tainted" the more dark of the 3
[15:25:40] <goodnews> " the Ronan" ( name is temparary please change it) this the the median of the 3
[15:26:00] <goodnews> " The Azul" these are the "good"
[15:26:13] <goodnews> the more heavenly of the three groupes
[15:26:34] <goodnews> once you go thru a door you are taken to a new world
[15:26:44] <goodnews> past what we have right now much larger
[15:27:00] <goodnews> yes I know this would be like a V.2.5 release if you like it
[15:27:26] <goodnews> depending on your choice you would spawn in one of three palces in the new worl
[15:27:36] <goodnews> the tainted would spawn in a dungeon somewhere
[15:27:54] <goodnews> the ronan in a forgoten place
[15:28:21] <goodnews> the Azul in a thriving city
[15:28:48] <goodnews> the three have there weaknesses and strengths
[15:29:24] <goodnews> The world will be larger full of harder monsters and much harder quests.
[15:29:44] <goodnews> and PvP( player vs player) is just somethign that happens
[15:30:04] <goodnews> they can arange large scale battles between the races/clan/ whatever youw anna call them
[15:30:22] <goodnews> I have the beezlebub speech writen down somewhere
[15:30:29] <goodnews> but thast my idea
[15:30:48] <goodnews> Done.|
[15:41:43] <danter> well, I would say it differs some from my idea, but I had sort off planned for a reincarnation
[15:41:47] <goodnews> I imported all the code into eclipse and its displaying the code as boxes with number in them
[15:42:02] <danter> but it will be 2 more worlds
[15:42:19] <danter> and I had thought you could only choose from beeing good or bad
[15:42:38] <danter> but maybe we should have a "force" that tryes to balance the world
[15:43:08] <danter> and you will also be able to get back to the normal world
[15:43:25] <danter> actually... the real fight is about the real world
[15:43:32] <goodnews> yeah
[15:43:35] <danter> it's a typical heaven and hell fight
[15:43:57] <danter> the 2 worlds I talked about was one heaven like place, and one hell like place
[15:44:10] <danter> and they are fighting for the control of the real world
[15:44:29] <goodnews> I think they should connect so they can battyle in out on there own
[15:44:33] <danter> however, it will be a little bit more advance then just fighting in the first world

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