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Rings are another type of equipment which can offer extra stat attributes or have additional special functions.

There are two types of ring according to their effects:

  • Discrete effect: rings which are used explicitly on the player's command ( they offer a "use" function which activates them).
  • Continuous effect: rings which are used implicitly and do not require any action.

Besides, rings have two kinds of requirements for use:

  • Carried (i.e. they just need to be placed in any of the character's slots)

For example, emerald ring (continuous effect) which reduces items and stats lost at death.

  • Equipped (i.e. they need to be placed in the ring slot)

For example, wedding ring (discrete effect) to teleport.

Rings can be further classified according to their purpose:

  • Combat purpose: ex. <item "antivenom ring" not found>

Rings of this type need to be equipped, like any other piece of equipment. There can be both discrete and continuous effects for these rings.

Rings of this type are simply carried. There can be both discrete and continuous effects for these rings.

AntumDeluge: This is how I feel rings should be implemented. If there are not rings that are meant to be used as equipment then there is not need for the finger slot, except to serve as a space saver. Additionally, it should not be required for all ring functionality that the ring be equipped to the finger. The wedding ring, for example, should not need to be "worn" to use the teleport function. I think there would be potential problems adding new rings in the future if all ring functions work in any slot. In my opinion the antipoison attribute is one that should only serve while the equipment in question is equipped. Otherwise players might be able to receive more benefit than is intended. For example, if a new cape is created that has DEF 1, Antipoison 0.05, a player could opt to equip a cape that has a higher defense but still get the benefit of antipoison by carrying the new cape in his/her bag. Or, if in the future, a ring is created that gives +1 def., should the player be able to get the defense boost and antipoison protection just by carrying both rings? It should be up to the player to decide which equipped benefit he/she wants.

It should be clarified what the purpose of the ring slot is:

  • Just a Space saver (i.e. merely an additional slot for rings)?
  • GUI convenience for players when using rings with discrete effect (i.e. the ring is easier to click on in the ring slot)
  • A way to impose a restriction on the number of rings in current use for equipped rings (i.e. to avoid the combination of the effects of multiple rings just as it is done with other equipment)?

And lastly:

  • What is the criteria for deciding that a ring needs to be equipped?

A suggestion to avoid the arbitrarity of rings that do not need to be equipped could be, if backward compatibility allows for it, changing the rings that do not need to be equipped to another type of magical amulet that doesn't suggest the idea that it needs to be worn on a certain part of the body (e.g. a coin, a rabbit's foot, a monkey's paw, a gnome's shoe...) oslsachem (talk) 21:11, 8 April 2013 (CEST)