Stendhal Quest Ideas/Game - Capture the Flag/Attic

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This page has old notes, unimplemented ideas, etc., related to Stendhal Capture the Flag game

Implementation Ideas

  • Normal Combat rules?
    • easiest to support - don't have to change the game. just beat each other up, can really die, go back to semos, ...
    • i don't really like this idea. why would it be fun?
      • focus on the violence more than the fun
      • why would anyone but the strongest players want to play?

Discussion and Comments

Considered limiting to low-grade weapons, but maybe the match would just turn in two to rugby matches?

  • this issue has been resolved by ability to make player fumble

I think that having negligible damage makes the following idea unnecessary

  • leveled (everyone starts out at same temporary level/atk/def)