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Notes on testing CTF Flag/Arrows

Thanks for helping to test. We want to figure out what will be the most fun and fair. Please provide feedback on the #arianne channel, or at the bottom of [Stendhal_Quest_Ideas/Game_-_Capture_the_Flag].

"In a Nutshell":

  • talk to thumb, "play" - you will get bow and special arrows
  • say "flag" to get a flag
  • someone grabs flag, starts running away
  • others tag them (left-click, not attack), try to make them drop flag

In more detail:

I think some of the first things we need to learn are:

  • does the basic concept make sense?
  • is the fumble chance reasonable with a lot of players?
    • right now, each the attacker and carrier roll dice, and the if the attacker rolls higher, the carrier drops the flag
    • maybe there's a better way to decide?
  • is there too much "chat noise"?
    • there will be tons of messages about dropping flags, ...

Best with two players - a carrier, and an someone trying to make the carrier drop the flag. You can take turns being carrier, or make up a sort of rugby game - try to move flag somewhere without dropping.

Log on to test server.

All players will need some sort of bow. The type does not matter (actually, it might - would some bow have a longer range? if so, we need to use only one type). Note that CTF does not involve combat/xp/atk/def.

  • all players go to Thumb, north of semos (0_semos_mountain_n2:100,119)
  • each player say "hi" to Thumb
  • say "play"
    • he will give you a bow and some arrows, and tell you some options - play, stop, flag, arrows
  • say "flag"
    • a flag (teddy bear right now) will be placed in an empty hand, or on the ground under you
    • if your hands are full, put something in bag, and pick up flag with hand
    • you should see a flag as part of your outfit now
    • at this point, other players can "tag" you with a left click
  • say "arrows"
    • you will get 100 fumble arrows, and 100 slowdown arrows, either in your bag, or on the ground
      • at the moment, the images are the same, so you have to inspect them to see which is which.
  • test an "invalid" tag:
    • attacker, without bow or arrows, left-clicks on carrier
      • should get a message back that you need to be properly equipped (or maybe that you need to be in range)
  • attacker equips bow and fumble arrows
  • attacker moves in to normal bow range of carrier, and "tags" (left-clicks on) carrier
    • note that carrier will not automatically drop the flag:
      • current approach: both attacker and defender roll d20, and if attacker wins, carrier drops
      • also tried a simple probability of dropping.
      • need testing to find out which way works better when many people attacking at once
    • i have not figure out how to show the attack animation
    • each tag only fires one arrow. there is no repeat (to give the carrier a chance ...)

  • attacker repeats tagging carrier, until carrier drops, while carrier runs toward a goal area
  • if carrier drops, can try to pick up flag and start running
  • others can try to grab the flag, ...

(the following applies to the third round of commits, which has not happened yet)

  • attacker equips slowdown arrows
  • attacker tags carrier several times, and then carrier tries walking - should be slower, and gradually recover to normal speed
    • details: one arrow, if it hits, slows the target down 10%.
      • players recover speed at 1% per second after that
    • note: can hit *any* ctf player with slowdown arrows - not just the carrier
  • speedup arrows are available too, partly for testing, but maybe as part of game strategy