Tasks needed for containers

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The container code should be fairly complete, but there are tasks that need to be completed for bringing them in to the game. Most of these need to be done during one release cycle, because they are dependent on each other.

Making the keyring a container item

  • The keyring item needs a sprite; the item is defined in containers.xml but is not used anywhere yet. Done.
  • PlayerTransformer Players with the keyring feature should get a keyring item, and the keyring contents need to be moved there. The old keyring slot can be deleted afterwards. The current client can show belt and back slots, if the player has those. The slot names have not been discussed much so they may or may not be the correct ones. In any case, the newly created keyring item should be placed to the appropriate new slot so that having space for all the items the player carries is guaranteed. Implemented, but not enabled in the code
  • HungryJoshua The keyring task should give a keyring item as a reward, instead of turning on the keyring feature. The keyring should be placed to the belt slot (see caveat above), and move any possible item in that slot to the keyring. The reward is a keyring item now, if the server is started with stendhal.container=true

A new container item

Players should be also given a chance to earn a brand new container, so that they get something useful too, instead of only new bugs and UI glitches. So a new quest is needed. Some possibilities:

  • A scroll wallet: this item has been a feature request fairly long. Needs a quest idea, implementation, item definition and a sprite.
  • A larger bag: it would be nice to have a quest for a larger bag. This is, however, more complicated than just a new container, because it comes with the same issues as porting the keyring. (We might also want to introduce the sheep shearing that was planned years ago at the same time). In addition needs everything that the scroll wallet does as well.
    • Sprite. Done.
    • Item definition. Likely DONE, but in need of TESTING
    • Porting of bag object. To Do.
    • Quest I haven't a clue.

Fixing the bugs

Nested slot access code has been in use by the server for a while now, but as there are no items in the game that use deeper than player->slot->item nesting there may be bugs lurking in the code. Thorough testing is needed for the new container items.

The client is capable of showing container items' content windows in the side panel, but as there are no items in the game that use those, the code has seen no testing for half a year and it is almost certain that there are issues that needs fixing.