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Age: 4795.07
Level: 597
XP: 2147483646
Atk: 116
Def: 116
Hp: 4454
Admin-Level: 400

"I'm always glad I married kiheru :)"
Age: 6023.37
Level: 8
XP: 4228
Atk: 114
Def: 114
Hp: 13712
Admin-Level: 5000

"We're always looking for helpers to test with releases. If you'd like to help testing please contact /support"



I started contributing to Stendhal simply by playing! I can't remember the exact order of events, but I became a support admin to help answer questions of other players, because I played so much. I also made some wiki edits and realised that the descriptions I was adding to items etc would be even more useful added to game. So I started hanging out in IRC, and the stuff I was writing and drawing got added to game. Since then I got CVS access, and started developing seriously, learning a bit of Java and making new game quests and features. I got more admin duties in game, too. In 2007(?) I started helping out doing the releases and eventually became one of the project leaders.