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My name is Miguel Angel, and I live in Ceuta, a spanish city on the north of Africa. I have a Master Degree on Computer Sciences and in my real life I work as teacher on a high school, teaching Operating systems and Office software ( using open source software ).

Yes, unfortunatelly, I am the project leader of Arianne.

My tasks on arianne range from project management to code writing. However, what I receive the most enjoyment in is writing the server side logic. I hate to write clients and web pages.

Overall tasks

Actually I am working on:

  • Fixing issues at Marauroa
  • Completing Stendhal
  • Writing our second book


  • 2007/09/07 TODO: Write more often here. I am just back from holidays. I have been working ( a bit ) on the new RP and it is done but unbalanced. Soon I will commit to CVS so we can have a look to code before integrating it into Stendhal.
  • 2007/03/21 I nearly forgot about this blog :) I am working now very hard on Marauroa and integrating it with Ubuntu.
  • 2006/01/10 The release of Stendhal 0.40 has been a success. We have get around 150 bug reports and the player flow keep coming. We are on the way to release a new version soon that will add new exciting things like:
    • new foods
    • new drinks
    • potions
    • range combat
    • new items
    • new quests
    • new monsters
    • new areas
  • 2005/11/27 The first stage of the refactoring is being completed. Soon we will be able to release Stendhal 0.40! Bigger! Better! and without ads :)
  • 2005/10/21 Back on Arianne! At last I am able to code regularly into the Stendhal game. Big progresses are coming in a few weeks.
  • 2005/10/10 ARRGGHH!!! No time, no time!. I am going to fix some urgent things on stendhal but I do suffer from a continueous lack of time. I do really think that in 1-2 months I will be ready for coding fast and a lot again.
  • 2005/09/10 I am back from holidays and starting getting used to work again. It is soo discouraging to have to stop drinking beer everytime everywhere :) but I suppose I have to work to save money to pay a new holidays. You know, shit happens! :)
  • 2005/05/20 I have added a new zone: dungeon, and rat and cave rat.
    I am working now on character customization, and I think I will consider Stendhal complete as soon as I add a GUI and a few larger zones.
    I wanna try running 1024x1024 and 512x512 big zones. If engine goes well I will release Marauroa 1.00
  • 2005/05/11 Wolf added, combat added, dead added, respawn points added, plains add. Gameplay added :)

  • 2005/05/07 The problems appeared :), I have had to fix several bugs both on Stendhal and Marauroa, but hopefully now I can concentrate on Stendhal gameplay improvement again.
  • 2005/04/18 At last a public server and at last a playable version. I think this is the start of the quake ;)
    On the next days if no relevant bugs are found, I will work on Wolf and A*.
  • 2005/04/03 I am back from holidays! And stendhal is back too from idle time :)
    You will read soon about new improvements.
  • 2005/03/15 I have added Mouse support to game and now you can click to move or inspect objects. Soon, I will add NPC support too.
  • 2005/03/05 Muahahahahaha! Your base belong to us! No, joking... Marauroa keeps evolving faster than I though and stendhal starts to looks like a real game.
  • 2005/02/21 I have released Marauroa and worked all the weekend in ant build.xml files for marauroa and stendhal.
    Let's see when it is possible to release Stendhal and have a bit of relax :)
  • 2005/02/06 I have added layers, static objects and dinamic objects to Stendhal, it is not far the time it will become playable
  • 2005/01/12 Stendhal is finally working on Java 2D.
  • 2005/01/12 Marauroa is ported to Java 5.0 and multizone is coded and completed and it also seems to work correctly.
    I still need to test it a bit more and update mapacman to use the new system. Of course I also need to update ariannexp so that marauroa changes are there. Stendhal keeps moving too and I am surely start to implement the client using Java 2D, just to try something different. :)
  • 2004/10/12 I am back. I am working on Arianne again, trying to get again to 120% speed. My actual task is to port Arianne to Java 5.0
  • 2004/09/21 The multizone stuff is 90% complete, now only time to test it. :-D
  • 2004/09/18 So much things to do and so little free time... Yes, I keep working on the multizone code, that needed a change on the database structure. I can't give a estimated time of completion, but I am doing my best on the little time that I have free. :(
  • 2004/08/30 Back from holidays. Working on multizones
  • 2004/07/28 Got Mapacman GUI to work. In fact I have created a pygame GUI that is useful for any other project.
  • 2004/07/13 Marauroa 0.41 and finally the last version of mapacman. Now I move to more interesting things like gladiators :-)
  • 2004/07/02 I have passed my exam! Now I have a job for the rest of my existence :D
  • 2004/06/24 Fixed several bugs that happen at Perception because of Delta^2 feature.
  • 2004/06/20 If only I could stop coding :)
    I have added per player synchronization to Marauroa, it saves a hell of bandwidth usage from 19MB/hour to 5MB/hour using 8 players on mapacman.
  • 2004/06/18 mapacman 0.03 has at last scroll and the new pacmans. Walls will appear on 0.10.
    I am going to be busy with my exam, so no more updates up to June, 25
  • 2004/06/16 mapacman now features zzorn's artwork and soon it will be scrollable.
  • 2004/06/14 Added RPClass concept to marauroa, it optimizes the size of the perception as much as possible now, and defining hidden attributes is simpler.
  • 2004/06/07 A big release: It took me 4 hours. Anyway arianne continue moving forward and Marauroa now adds AI to ghosts. Also the existing code is being reworked for support animations and GUI easily. I am involved on a very hard exam that will happen around June, 25 so I will lower my contributions flow up to that date.
  • 2004/06/04 Added GUI to mapacman and fixed the movement code.
  • 2004/06/01 I got ariannexp to load the real pacman map.
  • 2004/05/28 I am still working a lot on the documentation. It starts getting the size of a small book, but it is very simple and newbie friendly. I would really love that you read it and ask questions or point problems.
  • 2004/05/26 mapacman with two players :)
  • 2004/05/24 mapacman is behaving a bit strange in the sense that actions takes around two turns to be seen on client. Check possible causes for this problem is now my priority. I am working hard to be able to release a working version of it as soon as possible.
  • 2004/05/23 Got mapacman to work :D.
  • 2004/05/22 Got mapacman to render map recieved from server.
  • 2004/05/19 Nice milestone. Marauroa 0.34 was released and mapacman start to exists on CVS
  • 2004/05/15 Today I have speed up Marauroa by a factor of 10 by caching the creation of the static part of the perception. It is a great advance for the development of Arianne.
  • 2004/05/11 I have completed pyarianne and I will start to write a client to test it fully.