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Age: 3286.7
Level: 352
XP: 436607035
Atk: 70
Def: 96
Hp: 3084

"wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older."
Age: 282.78
Level: 38
XP: 519817
Atk: 39
Def: 38
Hp: 333

"rip the elephant graveyard"
Age: 60.02
Level: 39
XP: 588879
Atk: 31
Def: 31
Hp: 451

"Ill met by moonlight"
Age: 31.15
Level: 15
XP: 29272
Atk: 17
Def: 21
Hp: 250
Age: 12.23
Level: 15
XP: 28925
Atk: 18
Def: 17
Hp: 249

Creature Statistics

Max Respawn times (rounded)

Golden Death - 8days 2 hrs X min

Gashadokuro - 3days 11hrs

Balrog ... - 1day 9hrs

Dark Archangel - 1day 4hrs

black giant .. - 8hrs 53mins

chaos overlord - 6hrs 0mins

ice giant - 3hrs 48mins

elder giant - 2hrs 26min

chaos lord - 2hrs 18min

high lich - 1hr 39min

giant ... - 1hr 30min

dead lich - 50min

lich .... - 30min

rat ...... - 15min

Has written Creature descriptions for:

  • Super Ogre
  • Elder skeleton
  • Death

  • Stone Golem
  • Giant Kobold

  • Bone Dragon
  • Red Dragon

  • Imperial demon Servant
  • Imperial demon Lord

  • Imperial Priest
  • Imperial High Priest

List of ideas and things I'd like to work on.

  • Maps for entrances that don't lead anywhere yet.
    • Orge Den (would connect from -2_Orril_Dungeon to a cave near the gold prospecting pond.
    • Haunted Shack (Near the swamp)
    • Assassins HQ fourth floor (?)
    • Under the frogman lake of Ados Rock (underwater environment) Think they'd appreciate the extra living space.
      • Doing this would require creating a separate space like an interior, since geographically a lake bed doesn't fit under Ados Rock. (The Ados Caves are under it)
    • Museum of national history - A place the player can go to hear various historical details surrounding various locations in Stendhal, and even store records of meta

details like major expansions of the game.

      • Nalwor library could work for this. Add passages to the books on the shelves, and maybe an NPC on the top floor.
    • Pressure plates for spiked floor objects. Take my mind off pets for a bit.
  • Spiriting new creatures of various shapes, and sizes.
    • Water Moccasin
    • Mimic (check)
    • Ettin
    • Leader Gargoyle
    • Dodo birds check
    • Kraken Sprite sheet check
    • Mermaid sprite sheet Check
    • A giant boar that spawns rarely and drops a ton of meat. Already have 2 locations that would be a good fit for it.
    • Maybe a Basilisk as the "Vampire Serpent" for the ados vaults?


Stuff Going on In Game

Gasha was killed on this day. What else you GOT! oOo

[21:29] soniccuz earns 592575 experience points. [21:29] mcdairy earns 157424 experience points. [21:29] gashadokuro has been killed by mcdairy and soniccuz

Today was a Balrog day.

Burned 61 greater, and at least 16 megas in the encounter. Not bad.

Just killed my first GOLDEN DEATH! *W*. 29K.

Dark Arch Angel you're next... one day.

Local server:

Self Reminder.

Logic for "umbrella weapon" that has a use command to toggle the "umbrella outfit" mostly done. Just needs it's own sprite and logic that turns the layer off automatically when player goes to unequip.

Also thinking of toying with different playable: races orc, elf, dwarf and of course human. Mostly want to see if I can get mobs to ignore me if I'm of the same species as them. Setup race in RPEntity, and add check to creature attack behavior. Not fully committed to this idea just want to challenge myself.

There was something else... but I forgot what it was.

Oh! Angel Cane, item idea. Ranged healing staff target another player and click to use. Make sure to implement reasonable cool down. Maybe look into ranged_atk stat Deluge was working on...

Catch all for Ados lake bed ideas

aquatic life:

  • frogmen species (they live above it after all).
  • beavers (a few can be found roaming Orril coast but aren't seen anywhere else. Maybe semi aquatic life would look odd underwater?)
  • water moccasins (lake bed is already neighboring the snake pit and a new animal or two for this area is a must).
  • Some aggressive freshwater fish that is decidedly not a piranha. Maybe a Pike?


Don't want to actually call it 'Atlantis', that's not very fitting with the rest of Stendhal's cities I think, but for now I haven't found a proper sounding name for this location.

My ultimate goal for implementing scuba diving. An underwater Castle town existing under Semos Mines and inhabited by mermaids and mermen. This would be a town centered on a castle with a spiraling side tower comparable to Nalwor.

For central quests the king is worried about his wife who has locked herself in the tower and might be practicing dark magic. The queen's tower would introduce a variant of mermaids called 'Sirens', and lead to a boss fight with the queen herself. Possibly talking to her as an npc in one room and fighting her as a separate instance in the next room.

For ridding the queen of an evil spirit the king will recommend his court magician forge the Angel Cane healer's staff.

Any mer-merchants would follow Muzino's example and trade for shiny objects like pearls and diamonds.