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Time To Refactor Wiki

Help me make thousands... of cheese

Hello all!

In one of my many (often recursive) procrastination sessions I decided it would be fun (and contribute to the general well being of the Earth (and all beings on said Earth)) to collect as many Cheeses as possible in Stendhal.

Being an ambitious kinda guy I decided to set my target at 100,000 cheeses.

This page will document my progress.

So, if you have any cheese to offer for sale please come to me in game and we can talk serious business.

Regards Steve

I currently have:

2877 Stephen I. ( thriceforged)

Hi, I'm currently at the university of Bristol studying electrical and electronic engineering. I'm half english and half greek, my home city being Athens.

Roles at Arianne:

  • Website help. (HTML, PHP knowledge)
  • Document proof reading
  • Game playing ;)
  • General input


""23 May 2006"
Miguel is getting married (congrats to him!) so the server will be down for a while. However there are still admins around so please feel free to continue joining us on the IRC and keep up the good works!

24 Mar 2006
Long time since I have had a chance to update here. Alot has been going on lately, Stendhal really is a very cool game now. Im back to work on stendhal probably map making and improving the web system.

21 Dec 2005
Stendhal 0.4 released and I have made a set of site modifications and created themed looks for the different games in CSS. enjoy :)... also I suggest you go play stendhal, it rules :D

24 Oct 2005
I have to say that im sorry about the community site not being ready, I have been too busy, but hopefully not too long from now and before next stendhal release!

04 Sept 2005
Hi all, well Im soon back from my summer holidays and the Community site project is already underway. I will be trying to get it complete in the next 2 weeks, then i will publicly announce it. To fund it I am looking to affiliate programs but no annoying other ads! cya soon

21 May 2005
Ok, its been a while... I have been busy! exams and what have you. Anyway, its all coming together, so soon will be back on top of my tasks. cya

29 March 2005
The backgammon game I promised the world some time ago is finally coming together. About 5 days ago i started messing aroung with C++ .NET and have really got into its useful features. (basicly its managed C++ with a microsoft framework, so it isnt portable at all) Anyway, i got all the interface working and its SWEEET, so now i just need to implement the arianne side. watch this space

28 March 2005
There is currently a small low period while Miguel takes a well deserved holiday and the rest of the group are waiting for his return. In the mean time some interesting statistics on Bugs (or tasks).

this shows the number of Bugs completed each month, including the average days to complete one. As you can see from October last year the time to complete task has drasticly decreased showing the new fire in the team!

This shows each members contributions to tasks since the start of Arianne. As you can see miguel does nearly everything (note the nobody tasks are 99% miguels as well)

13 March 2005
Well the site is officialy up and running as im sure u probably saw! I hope u like it and please feel free to tell us your opinions. It will coinside well with the releases of Stendhal in the next weeks.

13 March 2005
Its 1:45am and I'm finally almost completely happy with the new site design. It needs a few more tweaks prob but for now im just going to show the design to Miguel and some others and tomo (or today rather!) finally commit to CVS. I have also made the site produce W3C validated HTML 4.01 transitional and validated the CSS. Will be back on Wiki soon, but the week coming up will be hell for me with it being the last week of my third year project. Cya around soon, and welcome to Ragnar to our Wiki.

01 March 2005
Happy new month! Well a new month is upon us, and given the current energy of this project, (and some good updates to SF coming our way) I hope this will be a good one for Arianne. Just thought Id say, im currently working on some website and wiki task and also working on a pet idea of mine to create a Community site for Arianne developers... so watch this space (in a few months !!)

31 January 2005
I will be keeping the Wiki updated and proof read in my free time. I have also taken on reading all the docs so I can check them for clarity and consistency while at the same time learning to make my own game :)

13 January 2005
New years is a time to make changes to your life, hence, I am going to try work in Arianne once again in my spare time. Im glad to hear Miguel has been working on it and that it is coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing the result!

This little blog has been kept due to its great importance!!

26 June 2004
GREECE OLE OLE OLE OLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NEXT THE CUP! On a more Arianne note: new site design meant to be underway. Miguels exams these days too so good luck to him!