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Removing the green background from graphics

Hi, my name is bleutailfly, I am going to try to help you to remove the green background from graphics. This is my first tutorial for wiki, so if you have any questions you can come to our IRC channel #arianne on LiberaChat

You can find Gimp at

  • Open the gimp, go to file/open. A window will pop up, on the left side click the drive you want. Then on the right column make your way to the folder that has your graphic in it. Select the file you want, and click open.
  • A window will appear with the graphic. In that window click on image/mode/RGB.
  • Now go to layer/transparency/add alpha channel.
  • Go to your gimp program and select "select contiguous regions".
  • Click on the green in your graphic.
  • Then go to edit/clear.
  • Still using the "contiguous regions too" select any stray green pixels and use edit/clear ( or Ctrl k) ( you can also hold the shift key down to select several green pixels at once).
  • You can select the magnify in the gimp program to make it easier to look for any stray green pixels.
  • Now that you have got rid of all the green , go to select/ none.
  • go to file/save.

Wha-la you are done :).

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