Web presentation of Open Office slides

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TODO: Describe why viewing talks directly in the browser is desirable

Technology Requirements

  • R1: Viewing talks with slides directly on the web
  • R2: Not requiring visitors to have Open Office installed
  • R3: Not requiring people to download the presentation
  • R4: barrier-free, (e. g. text view of slide-images, display transcript of audio)
  • R5: Support for all common browsers, including older browsers that are still in common use
  • R6: Support audio
  • R7: Audio is optional
  • R8: Support for small display screens (e. g. tablets, mobile phones)
  • R9: Should work without flash plugin and without JavaScript but may use these technologies if available

What is wrong with the standard html export in Open Office Impress ?

  • ok R1
  • ok R2
  • ok R3
  • fail R4: Requires Frame-Support in Browser. There is a html view that would work without frames, but it's not reachable from the start page.
  • unknown R5
  • fail R6: For audio an embed-tag is created which only works if the files are saved to disk but not in the world wide web
  • ok R7
  • fail R8: bulky frameset, slide images is not resized but gets scroll bars
  • fail R9: requires JavaScript for navigation


  • Use OpenOffice HTML-Export as base
    • with frames
    • with notes (if there are notes)
    • browser colors
    • black arrow icons without borders
--- /usr/bin/ogg2mp3	2010-09-28 21:07:25.000000000 +0200
+++ ogg2mp3	2011-09-27 22:17:55.474323127 +0200
@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@
    # read ogginfo output
    OGGINFO=$( LANG=C ogginfo "$1" )
-   test "$?" != "0" && fail "ogginfo failed!" "$OGGINFO"
+   #test "$?" != "0" && fail "ogginfo failed!" "$OGGINFO"
    # determine nominal bitrate of source file
    BITRATE=$( echo "$OGGINFO" | grep "Nominal bitrate:" | cut -d' ' -f3 )