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Important topics

  • Features to be included in the next release of Stendhal
  • Preparation of an event for the missing NPC called Susi
  • Adoption of "Community feel"-enhancing splash screen voting system
  • Easing the players' transition to the new damage system
  • Evaluation of the effective use of IRC, forums, trackers...
  • Talking about ways to improve interpersonal relations inside the project.

Decisions taken

  • Gates for the flowerground aren't ready to be included in the 0.71 release.
  • Make food healing faster for some standard foods: meat, ham, cheese by a bit. [done]
    • Soup could probably heal 1% of the total hp rather than constant 25.
  • Newbies don't really learn about potions:
    • Carmen could give them away the first potion for free as they pass by.
    • When they receive their potion they are told about using it and of the advantages of potions
    • [Postponed at least until 0.72] Carmen can tell newbies to bring arandula to Ilisa to get more potions:
      • Herbs (arandula, kekik, kokuda) can be collected for potions
      • Herbs can be spread randomly around the zone (not growing likely on the same place every time) to prevent people from camping the grove.
      • Potions can be given as part of a quest or produced (not swapped directly)
  • Newbies need to get potions easierly:
    • Gnome village is not an obvious place to get to for newbies:
      • If players have leveled enough (perhaps levels 4 - 6), NPC Garbiddle can give a normal sized potion away for free and tell them to go to gnome village to get more minor potions.
      • Put a path to there from semos plain n [done]
      • Monogenes can give instructions/map to it
    • Swap easily-gotten food items for potions:
      • Leander (the pizza chef) could buy cheese (ham maybe and funghi, spinachi) for money as he needs it for pizza. [cheese: done] This idea is quantitatively extended here
  • Prepare an event for the missing NPC named Susi:
    • Pre-raid (server-only minor release, not a normal release like 0.71): to fix portals, add creature types but not needing new images [done]
    • Post-raid release (server-only minor release, unless 0.71 happens to be actually ready by then): to fix the the ados npcs who talk about susi being missing.
    • Write a draft of the roles played in the raid
  • Have a polling system to vote for splash screens:
    • Users can submit images for each release splash screen, these images are then put in a poll and voted and the most voted image is included in next release
    • A previously displayed image is eligible for next release too.
    • There will be picture moderators, to prevent inadequate or offensive images and they will have a veto to declare the poll null (e.g. in case someone decides to script the voting system)
    • There's left to decide if wiki [see e.g. SplashScreens] or tracker will be the way for users to submit their images. This is to be done in a forum thread started by osl.
    • osl will manage the poll and compose a page with all the candidates.
  • Get players more aware of damage system mechanics:
    • show "base_atk x weapon" rather than "base_atk + weapon" in the client: "base_atk x (weapon + 1)" would be even closer to be correct.
    • display level (and possibly xp needed for next level) in character window.
  • osl will open a forum thread to set a date for next GM meeting
  • There wasn't an agreement about when to use each medium (IRC, forums, mailing lists, ...) but it was suggested to check/use regularly more of them and not just IRC.
  • Interpersonal relations were talked about, which was actually the point of it all and not coming to any particular conclusion.


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