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Stendhal's current splash screen is here.

This is temporary storage for submissions for new splash screens - the file name convention is Splash_contributor_number.jpeg (or .jpg or .png) where contributor is your name or username (whatever you want us to call you by) and number would be 1 for your first splash submitted, 2 for the second, etc etc. When you upload a splash screen please then add a link to it here.

The plan is to hold regular polls where everyone can vote on their favourite splash screen and the winning one is chosen to be stendhal's splash screen for the next release. All splash screens should have dimensions 640 x 480. The font you can find here is the traditional one, though any cute font may be considered. A tip is to ensure that the splash screen content reflects the game itself. E.g. Stendhal does not have 3D graphics, so the splashscreen should not either, etc.

Creating a good quality logo/splash

Here are some tips:

  • Create all logos in vector form (SVG), using a program such as inkscape [1] or Adobe Illustrator
  • When they have to be in bitmap form, the best format is PNG as it is artifact free (lossless compression) unlike JPEG
  • The best kind of logos are clean, and play only with shapes, fonts and colors
  • Keep things simple (KISS philosophy)

Splash screen 1 from bleutailfly
Splash screen 2 from bleutailfly
Splash screen 1 from javydreamer's pupils
Splash screen 2 from javydreamer's pupils
Splash 1 from hamtaro

Testing the Survey

You can test the survey in english

Puedes probar la encuesta en español

Translating the Survey

You can translate the survey simply by submitting your translation in a subsection:

Original English

 *******TEST VERSION*******Choosing of Stendhal 0.7X Splash Screen*******TEST VERSION*******
 Vote on your favourite splash screen and the most voted one will be chosen to be stendhal's splash screen for the next 0.7X release!
 *******TEST VERSION*******Splash Screens*******TEST VERSION*******
 *Choose one and just one of the following images to be used as the next Stendhal 0.7X release Splash Screen:

Results of the last splash screen survey

You can already see the results of the splash screen survey for stendhal-0.75