Arianne Development Meeting 2016-01-06

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We will meet in #arianne on, on Wednesday, 6th January, 2016 at 20.00 server time (19.00 GMT)

Sourceforge, Github, Travis

In August after an extended downtime of Sourceforge, we created the Arianne organisation on Github and mirrored the Stendhal git repository. Back than the mirroring was only from Sourceforge to github, and it was done by the testserver build script once a night.

Since then we have improved the situation significantly: The mirroring is now done in both directions, and it is done almost instantaneously. This means it does not matter anymore whether commits are done to Sourceforge or Github. So we can use Github features such as pull request. And we can make use of Travis for running the JUnit test. Two way git mirror explains the details.

In addition to Stendhal, Marauroa is now on github, too.

All JUnit tests for Marauroa [1] and Stendhal [2] are passing. So before we do a new release, we can just check there. In addition, Travis will execute the test suite for each pull request and post the result directly to the pull request page. Unfortunetelly there is nice output of failed tests. So in case of failures, we have to look at the console log or execute the tests locally.

Failed tests are reported to IRC again. We should add the build-passing image and Github to and Stendhal Testing.

We should document pull requests on How To Create Patch For Stendhal. We can recommend pull requests, but accept patches as well. For those familiar with Github pull requests are easy. But patches are simpler for the others.

Prepaing release of Marauroa 4.0

A couple of years ago we started to experiment with web clients. We did several attempts using different technologies. To cut a long story short: Only recent browser developments enabled us to build a working webclient. All this time, most of Marauroa's development was done on a branch named perception_json, with only minor changes being backported to master.

Without a real working client, I was afraid that the Marauroa interface were not tested against real requirement. But the last attempt to write a Stendhal webclient is very promissing (although there is still a lot of work required). So perception_json branch was merged into master recently.

We should do a Marauroa release in the near future: Release bockers are tagged with MARAUROA_03_99

  • Most important is updating documentation and examples.
  • Stendhal should be able load the maps from transfer-content so that that part of the json protocol gets tested as well. Currently Stendhal uses Marauroa's binary serialization internally to provide content. So either the JavaScript needs to understand it, or the server needs to provide alternative content
  • Changing structure of gameEvents table to use references instead of source string. Postponed after 4.0
  • Re-adding support for Marven which was deleted because mvn test is broken and Travis insists on using Maven instead of Ant. We should aim to restore it before release. But this is not a release blocker.

Doing Sendhal releases

  • At the moment I am the only person who can do a Stendhal release. If I am not available and there is an active contributor, lots of changes pill up. This is hard to review, and I assume it may be frustrating for contributors. Creating a release, however, is both complicated and time consuming.
  • ...

PostgreSQL support

  • Long term possible objective using JSON datatype for rpobject.object
  • Adding PostgreSQL support to Marauroa is little work
  • Hallo of fame script and website need to support Postgres, too.
  • Website
    • Website currently uses deprecated old mysql api. It needs to be rewritten using PDO anyway to be compatible with the next PHP version
    • Old php mysql code and new PDO code will result in doubling the number of database connectings, and having isolated transactions.
    • We can do that in (rather large) chunks by converting all the code that goes to the wiki-database first. Then the website database, and finally the game-database.