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In order to celebrate the 5th birthday of Stendhal (and the 10 1/2 birthday of Arianne) we are going to have a meeting in real life.

It's for anyone who has contributed to Arianne and Stendhal, past and present. The activities will include a day of talks from key speakers from the project (past and present). Also there'll be some social events - dinner and a party.

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of March, 2010
Hannover, Germany

I'll be spreading the word on the forum, mail list, and so on - but if anyone is in touch with people from the project (past or present) who may not see the notices, do feel free to tell them. Of course, we'll need to know rough numbers to help plan, and so we'll be asking people to let us know if they will be attending (or might be attending). We will organise the meeting here on these wiki pages. Please use this form to register and provide some contact data for us. Do not put your contact information on this public wiki page.

In case anyone is wondering why Germany and specifically Hannover was chosen - our developers (past and present) are spread wide across the world, though mostly centred around Europe, and Germany seemed to be a mid point. It's a place where one can get along fine without speaking the native language, English is ok, and there are developers local to there who can assist in organisation. Also Hannover is a central node on the high speed train network, so it should be very much accessible. For example if flights are cheaper to some other North German city, then flight + train may be a good option.

Please see below for ideas and plans, and if you'd like to chat about meetup generally, please feel free, as always to join #arianne on, or if you prefer, the forum.


  • Beginning from Hannover Central Station ("Hauptbahnhof")
    • Alternative 1:
      • walk out of the station building at the front side
      • then down the stairs
      • follow the road downstairs until the end (there is a supermarket there)
      • left hand side is the subway station Kröpcke
      • the right most stairs will get you down two levels to the yellow line plattform
      • take line 6 towards Messe Ost.
      • the FHDW is located between the stops Freundallee and Kerstingstraße. (that is the next two stops after the tram reaches daylight) You should dismount at "Kerstingstraße" as it is almost right next to the FHDW. You should dismount at Kerstingstraße
      • Picture of Front Building
      • There is a second building behind that (on the right side of that picture). We will be in the first building on the picture. You can take the main entrance.
    • Alternative 2:
      • Go to the subway station within the main station. It is on the lower level of the main station.
      • Take line 1 Sarstedt, 2 Rethen (sometimes Döhren Bhf.) or 8 Messe Nord
      • Dismount at Aegidientorplatz
      • Take line 6 to Messe Ost on the opposite platform
      • The rest is the same as the first alternative
  • Public Transport Information in Hannover
    • Webpage
    • Unfortunately the English page is mostly German
    • the yellow box "Express Auskunft" is the interesting one
    • Ort (City) put in "Hannover" twice
    • Haltestelle (station name)
      • "von" (from) for example "Hauptbahnhof" (Central Station) or "Airport"
      • "nach" (destination): "Kerstingstraße"
  • Note: The b.i.b. International Collage is in the same building. So if you see a b.i.b. sign, you are right.


Friday Afternoon

  • Some people already arrive on Friday (dune to plane connections for example)
  • we will meet for afternoon/dinner
  • a sightseeing tour in Hannover is planned. we could follow that trail: Roter Faden Hannover
  • or we are just lazy and do some work on Stendhal/Arianne.

Saturday Daytime

  • Talks during the day: See subpage Arianne Project Meeting 2010/Talks
  • We can use a room at the FHDW, Hannover (the private University of Applied Science)
  • The first people will be at the FHDW at 9:00 o'clock in the morning
  • We will start with the more technical talks targeted at programmers at 12:00 o'clock
  • More general talks will start at 15:00 o'clock
  • We need to leave the building at 21:30 as the latest. There are timed movement sensors that will trigger the alarm afterwards. (but don't worry, we have something planned in the section "Night". And of course we can go to the party earlier, too)

Saturday Night

  • Party!!!
    • NPC Bingo
    • some nice clubs can be found near the Steintor or in Linden
  • There is a nice Greek restaurant next door to the FHDW, table for 10 persons is already booked at saturday 18:00 o'clock by Atlan which might be too early.
  • Alternatives: ...


  • Workshops...

Germany and Hannover

  • Emergency phone number for police, emergency doctor, fire-fighters: 112
  • Most people speak both German and basic English
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Zone: UTC + 1 hour
  • Note: If you arrive after 18:00 you should add a line on your hotel reservation about that.
  • Prices listed already contain taxes and service (so tips in restaurants are much lower than in the US for example)
  • Germans are generally helpful, but you have to ask for help as they don't like to jump into other people's business without being invited.
  • has a lot of information about Hannover, including sleeping locations

German Language

In Germany there is no problem with not speaking German. But if you want to know some key words:

English German
Hello Hallo
Thanks Danke
Sorry Entschuldigung
I can't speak German Ich kann kein Deutsch (sprechen)
Please Bitte
Yes / No Ja / Nein
English please? Englisch bitte?
(Can you speak) Spanish? (Können Sie) Spanisch?
central train station Hauptbahnhof
Airport: Airport / Flughafen
I am here to meet developers from an open source project which I work on. It's now 10 years old Ich bin hier, um Entwickler eines Open-Source-Projekt zu treffen, an dem ich mitarbeite. Es ist jetzt zehn Jahre alt.

Tip: When someone says 'Danke' or 'Dankeschön', it is nice and correct to say 'Bitte' or 'Bitteschön' in return. It means, roughly, 'you're welcome'.


  • find a room with video projector for the talks during the day and if possible Internet access (done) (Hendrik is trying get one)
  • Submit a patch for translating that page into English.
  • Find a way to video record the talks at FDHW or have a webcam sending live streaming (done) (madmetzger has a video camera)