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Known Facts

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Facts on the wiki

  • "There are two powers fighting over control of Faiumoni: the Deniran empire and Blordrough's dark legion. Deniran still controls the central and north part of Faiumoni, and has under its control the mines of Gold and Mithril. On the other side, Blordrough's legion has conquered the south lands and has under its control several mines of steel and an important gold mine. Deniran empire is seeking help from adventurers to take part in their army in order to recover total control of Faiumoni. Unfortunately they have found an awesome resistance. " --Stendhal Atlas
  • StendhalRefactoringHistoryFacts
  • "Adventurers travelling south who cross Or'ril River will reach Fado, a city which guards the bridge over Or'ril river. The river is vital for the commercial route between Deniran and Ados." --Fado
  • "To defend the route from Ados to Deniran a set of castles were built around the imperial path. Now Or'ril is abandoned because the empire's army has been sent to defend the south part of the empire that is suffering constant attacks. It used to be populated by a unit of Deniran's swordmen, around 60 of them, plus a set of helpers. It is not known if there is anyone any longer living in the castle." --Or'ril
  • "Ados is a coastal city with a very important port, where merchants arrive to sell their stuff. Ados is the end of an important commercial route that has its heart at Deniran, the capital of Faiumoni." --Ados
  • "Or'ril castle worked very well as a defence for the stone query, until the day the inhabitants of Faiumoni encountered an evil they hadn't witnessed for ages past: the hordes of the great demon lord Blordrough. Because of the huge attacks Faiumoni got from the demon hordes, the defence of semos quarry had to be moved and placed near the capital city Denirian, which was in the direct line of attacks from the dreaded demon hordes. Or'ril is now abandoned and it is not known if there is anyone inhabiting the castle." --Stendhal_History

Facts in game

  • "Kalavan City, twinned with Deniran." --conf/zones/kalavan.xml
  • "We aren't allowed to sell weapons to adventurers nowadays; we're working flat-out to produce equipment for the glorious Imperial Deniran Army as they fight against Blordrough's dark legions in the south. (Sssh... can you come here so I can whisper?)" --MeetHackim
  • "At present, there are two significant powers on Faiumoni; the Deniran Empire, and the dark legions of Blordrough. Blordrough has recently conquered the south of the island, seizing several steel mines and a large gold mine. At present, Deniran still controls the central and northern parts of Faiumoni, including several gold and mithril mines." --MeetZynn
  • "The Deniran Empire is currently seeking adventurers to sign on as mercenaries with their army to retake southern Faiumoni from the forces of Blordrough. Unfortunately Blordrough is still holding out against everything the Empire can throw at him." --MeetZynn
  • The most important locations on #Faiumoni are #Or'ril Castle, #Semos, #Ados, #Nalwor, and of course #Deniran City." --MeetZynn
  • "Ados is an important coastal city to the east of us here in #Semos, where merchants bring trade from #Deniran. It's widely considered to be one of the Empire's most important shipping routes." --MeetZynn
  • "Or'ril Castle is one of a series of such castles built to defend the imperial road between #Ados and #Deniran. When in use, it housed a fighting force of around 60 swordsmen, plus ancillary staff. Now that most of the Empire's army has been sent south to fend off the invaders, the castle has been abandoned by the military. As far as I'm aware, it should be empty; I hear some rumours, though." --MeetZynn
  • "The Empire's capital city of Deniran lies in the heart of Faiumoni, and is the main base of operations for the Deniran army. Most of the Empire's main trade routes with other countries originate in this city, then extending north through #Ados, and south to Sikhw. Unfortunately, the southern routes were been destroyed when Blordrough and his armies conquered Sikhw, some time ago now." --MeetZynn
  • "Blordrough warriors now live in the Ados tunnels. They are extremely strong in battle, that is why Blordrough captured part of Deniran's territory." --KillEnemyArmy
  • "The young people have joined the Imperial Deniran Army to fight in the south, so the city has been left almost unprotected against the hordes of monsters coming from the dungeons. Can you help us?" --semos/city/GossipNPC
  • "I help Xoderos the blacksmith to make weapons for Deniran's army. I mostly only bring the coal for the fire and put the weapons up on the shelves. Sometimes, when Xoderos isn't looking, I like to use one of the swords to pretend I'm a famous adventurer!" --semos/blacksmith/BlacksmithAssistantNP
  • "The demon lord Blordrough waged war in these lands some years ago until the day his army was routed by a coalition of the wood elves and Deniran forces. The three armies fought tooth and nail but, in the end, the demon lord flooded the lake and fled out to sea." --athor/ship/ScubaNPC
  • "Fado guards the bridge over Or'ril river which is vital for the commercial route between #Deniran and Ados. There's an active social life here, being the preferred city for celebrating marriages and tasting elaborate meals. Deniran is the jewel of the crown. Deniran is the center of Faiumoni and supports the army that tries to defeat enemies that wants to conquer Faiumoni." --fado/city/
  • "Ah, that mighty piece was made in Deniran. I'm afraid I know little more about it." --magic/bricabrac/BuyerNPC