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We don't have a real history for the world of Stendhal yet, but we have some artifacts spread out in the world giving some hints of the history. I thought this should be a gathering place for those artifacts, and also a place that have some history and background information about those artifacts.

You can check guidlines and what we already have at the non refactoring page Stendal History

The great battle of Faiumoni

The demon lord was still weakened from the crash, and had to retreat from the pursuing elfs. He started retreating towards the east, but encountered the heavy fortified city of Ados.

Cornered by the hunting elves at southwest, the Deniran army from Ados at east and southeast, the Ados mountains at north and the high Ados rock at west, he fought a desperate battle which would result in a great swamp of the once green and lush Ados fields.

By overflowing the lake and sacrificing many of his units in the maneuver, Blordrough managed to make a breach in the allied lines leading south to the waters, where he sailed off with the remnants of his severely decimated legion, never to be heard of again...

... but he swore to take revenge on mankind once his powers had returned....

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