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Berserker Class (from Scout combined with Warrior)

The berserker is a powerful fighter who relies on their own physical prowess. While knights train to wear the heaviest armors and wield the strongest weapons, and thieves train to land precise and deadly blows, berserkers train to endure the hardest trials. They tend to prefer lighter armors which don't restrict mobility, relying instead on personal fortitude and the ability to dodge attacks. They also prefer two-handed weapons, particularly swords, since they dish out more punishment and their other skills can make up for the lack of a shield.

Some of the Berserker's skills are:

  • Sprint — burn some MP to gain a quick burst of movement (this is no longer a Warrior skill in the class-tree system)
  • Mobility — increases basic movement rate
  • Swiftness — increases doge rate (this is no longer a Warrior skill in the class-tree system)
  • Evasion — dramatically increases dodge rate, but only against ranged attacks, both physical and magical
  • Resilience — reduces the amount of damage taken when hit
  • Leverage — increases the damage dealt when using a two-handed weapon
  • Rage — burn MP (continuously) to increase strength and absorb damage

Feel free to add your sugestions, and a skill tree will be made later.

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