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Necromancer Class (from Priest)

Where Priests are adept at controlling holy magics, Necromancers command their deathly parallels. Some would consider these dark magics a perversion of the training of Priests, whereas others consider it a natural progression: to understand life you must study death.

Whether you see Necromancers as enlightened Priests or as evil Priests, once you turn to the path of darkness there's no going back. Necromancers can never become Priests again, which means they cannot become Paladins or Monks. If they've already taken Paladin levels they're now a dark paladin and can resume taking Paladin levels by switching back to that class (though the skill conversions remain in place). Later, a "recovered necromancer" class which can command both the powers of light and also dark might be added.

A Necromancer is not themselves undead even though they often command the undead. Necromancers who are also Wizards may become a Lich which commands both the powers of darkness and also the elemental magics of the Wizard.

The Necromancer cannot cast any of the holy spells they learned as a Priest, but their levels in those holy spells are converted to their new dark equivalents (e.g. if you had level 7 Heal, now you have level 7 Blight). Since the Priest in the tree-based class system is a different than the Priest of the basic class system, the skills listed below would no longer be ones the Priest can learn.

Some converted skills of a Necromancer are:

  • Blight — (Heal) Damages a holy/living creature, or heals an undead/dark creature
  • Deadly Aura — (Healing Aura) As Blight but it affects all creatures (both players and enemies) near to the Necromancer
  • Curse — (Bless) Curses a holy/living creature (gives penalties to their stats, luck, etc), or blesses an undead/dark creature
  • Poison — (Antidote) Poisons an enemy
  • Plague — (Vaccine) Diseases an enemy
  • Raise Undead — (Resurrect) Revives a creature into a new undead/dark creature that follows the Necromancer
    • With higher levels your new undead will be stronger, will survive longer, and you can command more at a time.
  • Command Undead — (Tame Undead) Converts an undead/dark creature to the Necromancer's side for a time
  • Unholy Strike — (Holy Strike) Channels dark energy into a bolt that damages enemies
    • double damage against holy creatures. Not living creatures, only creatures like angels, priests, etc
    • still does full damage (or maybe half damage) to dark creatures, it's too much dark power for them to absorb

In addition to these converted skills, some new skills for Necromancers are:

  • Resist Poison — Gives the Necromancer a resistance to poison damage, or even immunity at higher levels
  • Resist Disease — Gives the Necromancer a resistance to disease damage, or even immunity at higher levels
  • Vampiric Touch — does a physical attack which also heals the Necromancer
  • Drain Spirit — does MP damage to an enemy and recovers the Necromancer's MP

Feel free to add more skills, and a skill tree will be made later

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