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Check the refactoring page if you want to know about some changes proposed for future releases.

The following history is not complete. Please add any details you like, ensuring they are compatible with in-game historical details if necessary.

Ados City

The rich coast city Ados is in a food crisis right now, since the farm town Semos is suffering constant attacks from monsters and thieves. Ados now pays high fees to good heroines and heroes that can help protect the town Semos and the food caravans that go between Semos and Ados.

Near Ados there is a haunted area where a famous battle took place. The area is now populated by some spirits of those who died there. Take care because they don't rest in peace.

Or'ril Castle and the stone quarry

Or'ril castle was once built to defend the stone quarry close to Semos from the orc hordes that lives in the mountains close to it. The stone blocks they mined from Semos stone quarry was mainly used to build roads and town defences throughout Faiumoni. Or'ril castle worked very well as a defence for the stone query, until the day the inhabitants of Faiumoni encountered an evil they hadn't witnessed for ages past: the hordes of the great demon lord Blordrough. Because of the huge attacks Faiumoni got from the demon hordes, the defence of semos quarry had to be moved and placed near the capital city Denirian, which was in the direct line of attacks from the dreaded demon hordes. Or'ril is now abandoned and it is not known if there is anyone inhabiting the castle.

Semos town

Semos town is the town the workers of the nearby semos quarry once settled. The defences of semos is now abandoned and moved to the capital Denirian. Semos' current weak state have forced them to make an emergency notice about heroes wanted in the help of town defence.

Semos underground runes

These runes were part of a terrible Demon Gate, the gate however is now sealed by an unknown force. The evil powers are still in work and make the runes change all the time. Afraid the gate might be opened once again the citizens of Semos are keeping a close watch of the portal and its runes.

The great rift

A big deep hole located in the great forests south east of Semos. This great hole is said to have been made by a great arch demon long ago.

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