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I was talking with that guy that starts with Olsasachem, Athanas and Kiheru

  • Party mode: enable players to create a party, and everyone who is in the party shares XP, and cash.
    • Party/Guild hierarchy: Chief (highest); Assistant Chief (second highest); Member (Lowest, Normal for most members of guild/party). Chiefs can expell assistant chiefs, AC's can expell Members, etc.
  • Player Trading: 'nuff said
  • hotkey system: done to death, I know, but how about using the function keys to plot them. or the bag spaces are automaticaly assigned to an F key... 12 spaces in bag, 12 F keys.
  • Running/Biking: Buying running shoes or a bicycle for quick transport; Or how about using sheep for transport once they are > 5 weight or something
  • Guild Castle: what MMORPG doesn't have a guild. But having a War of Emperium (I know, taken from RO) is so much fun. Guilds must compete to earn castles. Then at war of emperium, other guilds can take it from you, and you must defend. I know we don't have many players now, so we could start off with only one castle, and all guilds will have to go after that. But after many players join, we can have many castles, and have guilds competing and defending all of them! Fun FUn FUN!
  • Emoticons above peoples heads: when someone types something like :P, a big emoticon comes above the persons head, instead of plain text. MapleStory style!
  • Mages guild, Warriors Guild etc(Not connected with castle quest). Mages can buy some magic stuff cheaper for example (from Athana)
  • Player Shops: Players can set up mini-stores so they can sell items to others

--MiguelAngelBlanchLardin 03:04, 23 April 2006 (PDT) I would love if these request are placed at Sourceforge bugs tracker too, so we don't have search all around for them.

Thanks for posting your ideas! :D