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This is just an overview of how some skills depend on others. It contains almost all skills mentioned in the class-pages. Feel free to improve and extend it.

I have created a more detailed way the skill trees should work for the mage, check it out here:

The other classes will work in a similar way.

  • All
  • Physic
  • Melee Combat (Warrior)
  • Weapon Skills
  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Club/Staff
  • Shield
  • Dodge
  • Fighting Skills
  • Power Strike - (Waste some MP to) boost attack power and max damage in one attack
  • Cripple Monster - Decrease Attack speed and walking speed on the monster
  • Body Training - Increases MAX HP
  • Recovery - Increases HP Regeneration Speed
  • Quickness - Increases Attack speed
  • Swiftness - Increases Dodge Rate
  • Stance - Used to balance the power of your blows, or amount of damage you block.
  • Aggressive - Sacrifice your defense in order to deal more damage
  • Balanced - Both defense and power is well balanced
  • Defensive - Sacrifice power in order to defend yourself
  • Ranged Combat (Archer)
  • Normal
  • Quick Strike - (Waste some MP to) fire a few fast arrows towards one opponent
  • Arrow Shower - (Waste some MP to) fire several arrows towards several monster in one attack
  • Falcon Eyes - Increases max range for the archer
  • Magical
  • Acid missile
  • Elemental missile (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth)
  • Magic
  • Attack Spells (Mage)
  • Normal (Necromancer)
  • Blight - Heals a undead/dark creature and damages a holy/living creature
  • Curse - Curses a holy/living creature and blesses a undead/dark creature
  • Poison - Poisons a creature
  • Raise Undead - Revives a undead/dark creature
  • Summon creature
  • Elemental
  • Fire (Fire Mage)
  • Fireball - Fire property attack spell
  • Ice (Ice Mage)
  • Ice missile - Ice property attack spell
  • Wind (Wind Mage)
  • Wind strike - Wind property attack spell
  • Earth (Earth Mage)
  • Earth spike - Earth property attack spell
  • Protective Spells (Priest)
  • Normal
  • Heal - Heals a holy/living creature and damages a undead/dark creature
  • Bless - Curses a undead/dark creature and blesses a holy/living creature
  • Resurect - Revives a dead holy/living creature
  • Magic shield
  • Elemental
  • Fire (Fire Priest)
  • Fire shield - Puts up a shield that increases fire resistance
  • Ice (Ice Priest)
  • Ice shield - Puts up a shield that increases ice resistance
  • Wind (Wind Priest)
  • Wind shield - Puts up a shield that increases wind resistance
  • Earth (Earth Priest)
  • Earth shield - Puts up a shield that increases earth resistance
  • Other
  • Misc skills
  • Animal Taming
  • Fishing - Use a fishing rod near water to catch fish
  • Mining skills
  • Coal Mining - Discover Coal
  • Iron Mining - Discover Iron Ore
  • Silver Mining - Discover Silver Ore
  • Gold Mining - Discover Gold Ore
  • Mythril Mining - Discover Mythril Ore
  • Refining Skills
  • Refine Iron - Makes Iron from Iron Ore
  • Refine Silver - Makes Silver from Silver Ore
  • Refine Gold - Makes Gold from Gold Ore
  • Forge Steel - Makes Steel from Iron and Coal

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