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The Spring Festival of 2010 was held in Ados on Saturday 27th. It was the idea of emily.


Players challenge each other to a task and whoever likes to accept may accept
  • player: I challenge you (lower level player) to kill 3 liches faster than I can kill a black giant
  • other player: Hm, no, I don't think I can match that but I can if it's 3 green dragons
  • player: ok
players receive summon scrolls from admin marked with creatures and start fight
(summon scroll creatures don't drop or give XP)
Admins will ask for votes from players and admin will choose the overall winners, using this input as guidance.

Food and drink

Maria is available to buy party food from.


  • Emily (2 giant kobold) beat bell13 (2 green dragon)
  • tornado( lich) beat plassy (lich)
  • pepzs (2 black dragon) beat love_puppet(2 black death)
  • crusader (2 red roohako) beat rosie (2 leader dwarf)
  • snakevip (cave troll) beat erdnuggel (angel)
  • killerm (black giant) beat kezman (gashadokuro)
  • bell13 (2 bone drgaon) beat emily (2 lich)
  • crusader (2 death) beat plassy 2 elder sheepman
  • rabbit (giant) beat tornado (giant)
  • snakevip beat laguz both vampire lord
  • love_puppet (angel) beat erdnuggel (devil monk)
  • pajarito (angel) beat killerm (black death)
  • snakevip (ninja) beat sentinel (elder giant)
  • plassy (bandit) beat franic (bandit)
  • snakevip (giant kobold) beat tornado (green dragon)
  • itsnice beat sacv (bear)
  • erdnuggel beat pepzs (necrosophia)
  • franic (vampire bride) beat snakevip (giant kobold)
  • killerm beat sawi (Lord Durin)
  • itsnice (dark gargoyle) beat franic (vampire bride)
  • bell13 (cave troll) beat nomis (djinn)
  • love_puppet (2 black giant) beat tornado (10 green dragon)
  • erdnuggel beat sentinel (red dragon)
  • franic (vampire bride) beat Festin (black giant)
  • snakevip (fallen warrior) beat nomis (vampirette)
  • killerm beat pepzs (black death)
  • yorad (2 armored sheepman) beat tornado (2 lich)
  • sentinel (chaos lord) beat nikomicho (black death)
  • Party Dragon beat rat; the caverat ran away


bell13 and snakevip were voted joint first place winners!

killerm and love_puppet and emily were voted joint second place winners!

Well done bell13 and snakevip and killerm and love_puppet and emily!!

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