Stendhal Quest Histories

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Stendhal Quests

Please help us fill in the history you see in the quest log (Settings Panel -> Shield button -> Quest Log) in a test client.

As an admin you can see your 'quest state' when you inspect yourself.

As a keen player you also know the stages for each quest, and you can check StendhalQuest for a rough structure (though there may be extra stages).

The aim is to have a history entry for each stage of each quest in a diary style (first person tense). There may also be history entries for when you have fulfilled the question conditions (i.e. collected the item or killed the creature), but not taken it yet.

Even when the quest is finished there may be a history entry if it is repeatable. And of course, the entry for 'done' is very important :)

Please add entries using the template and examples. Please note we'll include each line even when the quest is done so at the end you see a full history.

These quests have no history yet, please leave a hint when you work on them.

When testing, please open the questlog before starting the quest and after each step. (This includes non NPCs related steps like killing monsters).

Quests A - F

Name Implemented Tested
AmazonPrincess done
ArmorForDagobert done done
BeerForHayunn done done
BowsForOuchit tracker
Campfire done done
ChocolateForElisabeth done done - in eating state
CleanStorageSpace done needs retesting - done
CloakCollector done done
CloakCollector2 done done
CloaksForBario done done
ClubOfThorns done done
CoalForHaunchy done done
CrownForTheWannaBeKing done done
DailyItemQuest done done - in 24h time-loop now
DailyMonsterQuest done done - in 24h time-loop now
DragonLair done tracker
ElfPrincess done done tracker
ElvishArmor done done
FindGhosts done done
FindRatChildren done done
FishermansLicenseCollector done done
FishermansLicenseQuiz done done
FishSoup done done - in washing dishes stadium
FishSoupForHughie done done - in waiting stadium

Quests H - N

Name Implemented Tested
HatForMonogenes done done
HelpMrsYeti done done - in 24h waiting time
HelpTomi done done - but tracker
HerbsForCarmen done done
HouseBuying done done
HungryJoshua done done
IcecreamForAnnie done done
ImperialPrincess done done
JailedBarbarian done done
JailedDwarf done done
KanmararnSoldiers done done
KillDarkElves done done
KillDhohrNuggetcutter done done
KillEnemyArmy done done
KillGnomes done done
KillSpiders done done
KoboldishTorcibud done done
LearnAboutKarma done done
LearnAboutOrbs done done
LookBookforCeryl done done
LookUpQuote done done
Marriage done done
Maze done done
McPeglegIOU done done
MedicineForTad done done
MeetHackim done done but tracker
MeetHayunn done done, needs retest
MeetIo done done
MeetKetteh done done
MeetMonogenes done done
MithrilCloak done done up to fusing mithril step - 4 hours waiting time tracker
MixtureForOrtiv done done but tracker
NewsFromHackim done done

Quests O - Z

Name Implemented Tested
ObsidianKnife done done up to read gem_book step + tracker
PizzaDelivery done done
PlinksToy done done
ReverseArrow done done
RingMaker done done but tracker
SadScientist done done but tracker
SevenCherubs done done
Snowballs done done
Soup done done
StuffForBaldemar done tracker + tracker
StuffForVulcanus done done but tracker
SuntanCreamForZara done done but tracker
SuppliesForPhalk done done but tracker
TakeGoldforGrafindle done done
ThePiedPiper done manual start possible?
ToysCollector done done
UltimateCollector done can't do it, mithril cloak not ready... can anyone else test it?
VampireSword done done - but tracker
WeaponsCollector2 done done
WeaponsCollector done done
WeeklyItemQuest done done - in 7 days waiting state
ZekielsPracticalTestQuest done couldn't make it! - tracker
ZooFood done done

Proposed Histories

Quest Title

one line description

  • Line for anyone who has started quest
  • Line for anyone who rejected it (if it is one you can reject)
  • Line or lines for quest being in a specific state
(what the states were)
  • Optional line for having fulfilled the quest condition before claiming it
(what the condition was)
  • Line for completed quest

Armor For Dagobert

Dagobert, the consultant at the bank of Semos, asked me to find a leather cuirass for him.

  • I have met Dagobert. He is the consultant at the bank in Semos.
  • I promised to find a leather cuirass for him because he has been robbed.
  • I found a leather cuirass and will take it to Dagobert.
start and has leather cuirass
  • I took the leather cuirass to Dagobert. He thanked me and gave a small reward.

Help Tomi

one line description

  • I met Tomi, a boy being tortured in hell.
for anyone who started the quest
  • Tomi asked for "ice" and took the ice sword I was carrying!
starts with done
  • I've given N ice swords to Tomi so far.
we know how many we gave because that is what makes the xp different and the smilies

Imperial Princess

one line description

  • Princess Ylflia asked me for some herbs and potions to ease the pain of captives in Kalavan Basement.
for anyone who started the quest
  • I must tell Princess Ylflia that I have "herbs" when I have collected all the herbs, potions and antidotes she needs.
while quest is active and we didn't take herbs yet
  • I took Princess Ylflia the healing items and she told me she would recommend me to her father, the King.
have taken herbs
  • King Cozart granted me citizenship of Kalavan