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Submitting a bug

If a bug is worth asking /support or a developer about, it is worth submitting a bug report on. We are more than happy to close reports that are not really bugs, and would prefer you to submit a bug report and us close it, than not submit it and we never find out about it. Having said that, before submitting a bug you should scan over the previously posted bugs summaries so that you don't report an already known bug.

It there are multiple bugs to report, please open a report for each.

Submit a new report here, or browse the bugs tracker which by default shows the currently open bugs.


  • Summary - This is the title of the bug report. Choose a meaningful and brief sentence.
Bad summary: "there is a bug", "bug found" "error occurred"
Good summary: "Stendhal 0.67 map wrong at x y in -3_semos_cave" or "Test client: buddies panel does not show buddies online state"
  • Description - This is where to write what happened. Please try to include:
  • Where were you when the bug happened? (use '/where yourUserName' in game)
  • What did you do when the bug happened?
  • What did happen, what did you expect to happen
  • Is it reproducable? If so: Which steps are needed to reproduce it?
  • when talking about map-errors like 'you can walk under a chair' please provide the exact position and if possible a little screenshot.
  • If things in client look weird a screenshot says more than 1000 words
  • Your email address, if you are not a logged in member of sourceforge
Unless you have a good reason to think it's irrelevant:
  • Your Operating system
  • If you run from webstart or downloaded client
  • What java version you have.
In Linux, type
java --version
in a command line.
Windows users, check here.
  • any error logs:
Windows systems, at C:\Documents and Settings\{your username}\stendhal\log\stendhal.txt
GNU/Linux systems, at ~/stendhal/log/stendhal.txt
Mac systems, tba
  • Private - please tick the check box for sensitive or easily abused issues.
  • File Upload - here is where to attach a screenshot or a text output of an error log.
  • Everything Else - don't worry about any of the other entries.

For pre release testers

(See Stendhal Testing)

Please make sure you connect with the MAIN-client to the MAIN-server and with the (up to date!) TEST-client to the TEST-server

  • Please add to the bug summary if you were on TEST or on MAIN

For developers

Please make sure the bug also happens with latest cvs-HEAD without the changes you made to the source and did not yet commit.

Remember the importance of 'ant clean' or whatever the equivalent is in your IDE.