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The web client will also be used on mobile devices, such as tablets. The user interface needs to be:

  • accessible without right-click
  • accessible without keyboard-mouse combinations (such as CTRL+click/drag)

Use case: Drop a number of items

One possible solution would be to have a user interface with:

  • action buttons:
    • walk / attack (default)
    • look
    • grab
  • drop dialog (visible only while dropping items)
    • number selector
    • ok / cancel buttons

Stendhal touch drop.png


Suppose you have a stack of 3 potions in the chest, and want to move 2 of them to the inventory. You would follow these steps:

  • change the action mode to "grab"
  • click on the stack of potions in the chest
  • click on the inventory
  • see the drop dialog appearing
  • click the [+] button to increase the quantity from 1 to 2
  • click the [Drop] button
  • see the potions being moved
  • see the drop dialog disappearing

Mockup Ideas

Some mockups I had come up with a while back for redesigning the web client UI for use with mobile/touch devices (AntumDeluge (talk)):

See also: How to setup an experimental Stendhal HTML5 Environment?