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This documents wants to be a guide to understand what are marauroa's objectives and motivation. We try hard to break complex tasks into small parts that build up on each other. This way we try to find the simplest possible solutions that does the job well.

Planned Future (Roadmap)

Past Milestones

Version 3.00

  1. Multi threading support for database access (fixed)
  2. Refactor database access from one single class to extendable DAOs (fixes)

Release 2.00

  1. Improve multipart messages numbering(fixed: we are using TCP only)
  2. Add anonymous attributes and slots
  3. Improve persistence layer(fixed: RPZone can store objects and load them back on init)
  4. Add TCP connections or rework UDP transport to work properly(fixed: TCP)
  5. Make marauroa more configurable:
    1. RPObject
    2. RPAction
    3. IRPZone
    4. Attributes
  6. Hook for requesting server shutdown from game module
  7. Allow accountless gameplay
  8. Refactor persistent storage facility(fixed: copied code from stendhal )
  9. Define RPClass attributes that take only a closed set of value(fixed: and Java created Enum... )
  10. Allow to create non-planar attributes like lists, sets, etc...
  11. Redefine syntax for:(fixed: Explain on other page.)
    1. RPClass test operations
    2. RPObject
    3. RPSlots
  12. RPZone synchronized methods.

Release 1.20

  1. Add slots names to RPClass
  2. Add invisible attributes
  3. Add invisible slots

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